Friday, September 17, 2010

Dear Rashmi.

Dear Rashmi,

Your name has been popping up in my life the last couple of days and it has been lovely. Pure loveliness.

I have known you since we were 13. That is a really long time (@10 yearsish... well... kind of). I remember things that we did as if they just happened yesterday. I remember 'studying' at your house and working on school projects. I remember your mom making the most amazing Indian food. I remember that everytime I said the word 'Dahl' (is that how you spell it?) you and your mom would crack up laughing. I remember how you taught me my numbers 1 to 14 in Indian - and to this day I still know them - Ek, do, tien, chay, bun, chut, sut, ut, no, dus, gara, buta, terra, choda, noda (I just don't know how to spell them). I remember you driving us in your parents 'woody' to Terrace during school hours to go to McDonalds', see the boy that you adored and be rebels. I remember the time that we tried to run over your calculator while driving your parents 'woody'. I remember when we named their wood paneled station wagon, 'woody'. I remember being at your wedding - I remember that day so vividly. I overslept, Sam was waiting for me while we should have been at the ferry already. I remember how stunning you looked and I remember how much love you had for your husband and how you would have risked everything to be with him.

And I remember... when I saw all of your comments this week how much I missed you. I love that you remember where I came from and are happy to see where I have been.

You have always been an incredible friend and hearing your voice has made me remember that I need to do a better job of keeping in touch with you.

I would like to invite you for dinner, and if you came, I would make you a feast.

On the menu:

Cocktails: Lemon Spritz - I like vodka, you like vodka, who doesn't like vodka?
Appetizer: Lettuce Wraps - they're fun to eat, you'll like them
Main: Lasagna - so that the dish can be in the oven and we can catch up while it cooks
Dessert: Cheesecake with blueberry bruschetta - b/c I have to confess my addiction to blueberries

During dinner we will talk about a lot of stuff. We will talk about your family, your career, you being a mom, what it is like to cheer for the Canucks while living in Calgary, if you like the snow, and I will ask you if you can introduce me and my cuz to any cute cowboys. I will tell you about my fiance, my love for Mark Wahlberg, my pups, my addictions, my wedding, how sometimes I dream of chocolate all the time, how I miss my dad, how I miss my MIL, how I can't stop talking and how you should be telling me to shutup so that you can talk, how my house is really messy and I think that you should be nervous that I am a hoarder (I'm not really but my guest room looks like a bomb may have went off in it), how I ate an entire bag of cheezies in two days, how my cat Ogre just brought something home for me the other day and I cried. See!!! There is so much to tell you.

Ok, my friend. I miss you. I hope that you are well. I hope that you know who I am, and this letter isn't freaking you out and that you may have a stalker on your hands. If you don't like the menu, please tell me what you would prefer instead.

Rashmi - it's me! This is the colour my cheeks go when I have too many lemon spritz'.

I will write again soon.




Jenny said...

That's so sweet!!!

rashmi said...

Hello dahling well hello dahling it's so good to connect with u again dahling...goof u can say it!! Now, first and foremost ( do u remember how we use to make fun of each other when we would use big words or try to act sophisticated). Ok start again, I don't think I have shed so many tears in quite sometime like I have since reading your blog...they r not only sad tears but also happy tears, laughing so hard tears n generally missing my Cheryl tears. I feel like we r sitting together n chatting about the last few years of your life, I can seriously see your face n hear your voice. Ok hear I go crying again...your blog tonite was so lovely...dedicated to meee. Wow I feel like a "super staaar". Cheryl u remembering all those details about our childhood amazes me...ek do tin...upto 14!!! Didn't we laugh so hard that one of us had to dry their panties with the dryer in Mc'Donalds...I'm guessing it was u friend! I might be getting u confused with a similar incident I had with Rita Abreu. One thing I want to mention is that time before Amar n I got was the hardest time of my life...u my Cheryl helped me thru it, without u I don't think I would have survived, cuz there were alot if times during that time that I wanted to give thank-u for being my rock!! So now here we r today...I am so proud of the woman u r much love in n around u...u r truly blessed! I have to say I luv luv reading about your memories of "Big A"...I luv how u include him in your life anyway u can...he is so proud of u I bet!! It's good to see Jules in your blogs... Hi Jules! Miss seeing your smile n the way u use to make us laugh, sometimes u wouldn't get why we were laughing but u always laughed with us...keep laughing n smiling:):) Now in less then two months u r going to be married...I am sooooo happy that u have found someone equally as beautiful as u (only with shorter hair) to share your life with.
So now to the best! I luv the menu n your choices for us when we get together for dinner...can it be just u n me for the first part of the dinner, cuz I really want u all to myself n then call in rest of the troops!! I wish u a world of happiness luv health n laughter my friend. Cannot wait to hear your voice again. Nightey Nite:):) MWAH MWAH!!

Beth said...

What a great post. Between that and Rashmi's comment, it made ME tear up, too. So happy and lovely. :)

Anonymous said...

It was so good to read your blog tonight, I didn't know that you skipped school though, to go to McD onalds, just another thing I learned today. Rashme was a darling and a good friend,your dad thought alot of her too. You had a lot of good friends Cheryl, shows the kind of person you are, and I am so proud of you.

Jessica J said...

Wow! This is the sweetest thing. What a wonderful post to read ladies. Please post comments after you both meet. I cant wait to hear all about it. PS: you made me cry. I needed that :)