Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Invitations - signed, sealed and ready to be mailed!

3 years ago today, we had to say farewell to our beautiful Maggie Mae. Oh how I miss her. Chris and I had a rare occasion, and we actually got to go for a walk together tonight. We were going through the forest path, and we were reminiscing of when we met our wee Magnum in the exact same place as we walked today. Maggie loved the park, and it's fate that we met Magnum a day before the one year anniversary of her passing.

Maggie loved lounging in the yard

Magnum loves lounging on the loungers

Chris and I often chat about how much Magnum would have loved Maggie. Maggie would have thought that he was pretty neat too. She probably would have growled every time he touched her, and he would be obsessed with her and want to lay on her, and then after awhile she would just give in and they would become best friends. Jozie would probably stand off to the side and be grumpy, secretly wanting in on the action.

So I am simmering as I type, a pot of soup. I had 1 containers of turkey stock and 1 container of turkey soup in the freezer. I knew that they would come in handy at some point. And what a week for a frozen turkey stock. Dear turkey stock, thank you. I love you.

I had a meeting with our Wedding decorator, Sandy from Details tonight. It's getting so exciting, and I knew that with the meeting tonight - I would either want to eat peanut butter from the jar, or I could try and make something healthy and delicious. H&D. Heyoh!

Anyways, I took the stock out, let it partially defrost and then added it to a big soup pot. Then, I had some frozen chicken breasts* (bone in), defrosted them, and then let them boil to cook in the stock.

I added a medium sized zucchini, a couple of peppers, 4 celery stalks and 3/4 of orzo. I removed the chicken from the soup after letting it simmer for about 2 hours, and took the chicken off the bottom, gave it a rough chop, and added it back to the soup. Be mindful when you are simmering the orzo, as it may stick to the bottom of the pot.

I added some kosher salt, a pinch of celery salt and 1 tsp of red pepper flakes.

And that was it. I have made this soup many times before - it's easy - it's delicious - and it's a weeknight winner.

*Chicken breasts bone-in - I love buying these. You can find them and get a great deal on them. They are great to use for stock and perfect on the bbq.

Well friends, that is it for me for tonight. I am going to dish up a big bowl of soup, hang around in my comfy clothes and watch some tele.

I hope that if you're reading this, that you have had a great day - you have enjoyed the sun - and our official last day of summer. Hoorah for fall!!! I heart fall. If I could marry a season it would be fall. Is that weird?



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rashmi said...

No not weird...I heart Fall too!! For so many reasons, I luv luv wearing scarves thru the whole year...but during Fall peoples are not looking at me like I'm weird, I luv colors of the leaves...etc etc. You both must be getting so excited as the days get closer to the big day? Hope u r doing well my friend...luv the pics of Maggie n Magnum! Take care n be happppppy always. Hugs R