Thursday, October 21, 2010


College Dayz.

I have just went back to college. Yes, that's right. College. Call-uge. Yep - back in college. Being a starving student, carrying a backpack, using the bus, eating Mr. Noodles for dinner 7 nights a week, partying on Friday and Saturday nights... oh the life.

Ok, I will start over.

I am taking a course at Camosun College. I am taking a course on how to write an effective blog. Although I have been 'blogging' for awhile, I am still hoping to get something out if this, tips and tricks and always wanting to learn something new.

I am not a starving student. I used a purse instead of a backpack. I did have a toasted cheese sandwich last night for dinner - and haven't had Mr. Noodles in probably over 15 years (probably had them last when I was 7). I haven't partied 2 nights in a row in many, many years; one night puts me out of commish for at least a month.

I was thinking about when I was in college - oh the stories. I can remember some of them like they happened just yesterday.

My first year of college, was in Prince George. I am not sure really why I went there. I think that college phoned me to say that I had been accepted and if I was planning on attending, and I panicked and said 'yes' and then had to go. My grandma was also there so I was able to stay at her house.

I went to pick out my books a couple of days before school started. I made my mom wait in the car for me - b/c I wanted to try and look cool. I was in line up and I met an older gentleman who chatted me up. It was very awkward. After I registered and headed to my mom, the guy came running after me and gave me his phone number and told me to call him sometime. Uh. I was 18. So awkward.

The first day of school I was so nervous. Before my first class I went into the washroom in the main building to check my hair. I came out of the bathroom and a guy was coming in. I gave him a 'wrong bathroom weirdo' look and he gave me a 'oh my god, I'm not a pervo honestly' look. I walked out, he walked away, and I looked at the picture on the bathroom door. Awkward. I was in the wrong one. I was mortified.

My first class was English 101. I sat down, not at the front, but a couple of rows back. The desks were tables - 2 people per table. Just before class started, this tall, beautiful girl walked in and sat right beside me. She introduced herself as Binder. She asked where I was from and what my name was. Binder turned out to be Rashmi's cousin. Rashmi's cousin!!! Remember Rashmi? What a small world. She turned out to be an incredible friend. She helped me fail out of a few classes - well not really - but she made my first year of college so fun. I miss her a lot.

I am happy that I have all of those stories to remember. I am happy that my new college career is going to be full of new memories. I am probably going to remember where I parked, if I grabbed a Starbucks before class, how many pages I doodled on, if I made dinner before class. They are going to be good!

Alright - I have not been cooking this entire week. Don't worry, I am not starving. Chris has been off this week, so he has been cooking dinner. On Monday and Tuesday he made a stirfry with a ton of vegetables and pork. It was delicious. Very simple and healthy. Wednesday night he didn't make dinner. I think that he was on strike or something b/c he went to the pub and had wings and watched the hockey game. Tonight he made a feast. He made a dinner like he would make when we first started dating.

Mashed potatoes, roasted beets and Shake 'n Bake chicken. Totally delicious. It is a huge treat to be able to come home and not have to do a thing. I think that when we get married it's going to be like that too. I think that he will make sure he is home every night to make me a feast. I know, awesome, huh? Oh wait, that won't happen. Even though we'll be married he still has that little Kung Fu studio.

Alright friends. I am off to curl up on the couch and watch a little mindless tele.




Laura said...

Hey Cheryl, not sure if i told you about this awesome blogging ebook written by a blog friend of mine but it's awesome and full of good advice. Check it out:


Cheryl said...

Thanks Laura - I will have to take a look.