Monday, October 4, 2010

Cup Full O Love

When I was young, my dad would work shift work, so at least 2 days a week he would be home during the week. When I look back on that, I was pretty fortunate to have had that time with us. He would often make us lunch - and be there to drive us to the rink.

I guess when you're in the moment - it's just 'whatever', but now when I look back on it, I was really lucky. I think those moments of sitting around a table and talking about anything, is what makes moments even more special.

I am feeling a bit 'ugh' right now. I think that I have been trying to fight a cold for so long and I just wish that it would leave for good or just hit me. I'm ready for it - bring it.

Anyways, I had a bowl of chicken noodle soup for dinner tonight. I can do a recipe for that - it was from a can. Tasty though. So... I was thinking of what I could do for this lil dinner blog o mine, and I had a craving for hot chocolate - and I remembered the hot chocolate that my dad used to make for us on cold days. Our friends would always want to come in for hot chocolate - homemade, rich hot chocolate. I always wanted the kind that came in a can - and would hope for that instead.

Tonight's recipe is a tribute to my dad - I changed it up a bit - but it was still as rich and delicious as I remember.

Dad's Hot Chocolate

1 cup of skim milk (or whatever you have in the fridge)
1/4 cup of whip cream or heavy cream
2 tbsp of cocoa powder
1/8 tsp of cinammon
1/2 tbsp of sugar
1 tsp of 70% dark chocolate - shredded or melted (approximately 1/2 a flat square - make sure that you eat the other half)

In a pot, heat the milk and cream, the cocoa powder, cinnamon and sugar over medium heat. With a whisk, stir constantly to make sure that the powder melts into the milk. Once it is all melted together, add the chocolate and continue to whisk.

Pour it into a nice mug, curl up in a blanket and sip away. Yum - so good.

I have to say that I love how a taste of something can stir up a zillion memories. I know that I am truly blessed to have them.



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rashmi said...

Cheryl! Hi Hun..Thanx for sharing Dads' hot chocolate recipe! I will definitely make that on a cold winterrrry night...the trick to getting that horrible thing that u r fighting is to actually be resting n embracing it cuz in our busy schedules we don't allow it to hit us! So Hun rest...I sure I get to talk to u real soon!! Big hugssss R