Friday, October 8, 2010


Getting ready for Thanksgiving

This week was not really filled with a lot of wisdom from me - but it was full of wisdom being removed - teeth that is. Not mine. I won't make that procedure. Nice try. Don't even try to chat about anything dental. Every time that I go to the dentist, I ask two things: 1. Do I need a root canal? and 2. Do I need to have my wisdom teeth pulled? So far, the answers have been 'no'.

Anyways, let's get back to wisdom teeth, that aren't mine. My GF Jocelyn, had to make the trek down to Victoria so that she could have 3 wisdom teeth pulled. She stayed with us the night before and then the night after. She had one of the bottom wisdom teeth pulled prior too - and she was awake for it. AWAKE. It was traumatic for her. And now that I know the story, traumatic for me too. If that was me, I wouldn't be awake for another dental appointment again. I know, it may sound ridiculous, but the dentist scares me.

Anyways - Jocelyn was a rockstar. If I didn't know that she had just had her teeth pulled, and that walking around with gauze in your mouth wasn't normal - I would never have known that she had 3 teeth pulled.

While Jocelyn stayed with us, I cooked recovery food for her. Sorry, let me rephrase that. I bought 'cup of soup' and apple sauce. Jocelyn decided that that is the recovery diet. It worked well.

Also while Jocelyn was here, I developed something that I am calling the Plague. Something that has been almost coming to catch up with me for the last 3 weeks finally caught up with me. I have a cough that is unattractive. I had such a bad night last night, I couldn't make it in to work today. I had a couple of hours out of bed this AM - while Joc was still here, and then spent 4 hours in bed - in and out of bed. I didn't stray far though - I would get up and make it to the end of the bed - and need to curl back in.

Although I wasn't feeling my finest, I had such a good visit with Joc. We were roommates for 2 years. We were reminiscing and we find it hard to believe that we only lived together for 2 years - we spent a lot of time together and it seems like we lived together much longer. She was a great roommate - and I learned a lot from her. I wish that she lived closer - so that she could come over and make herself at my home - curl up on the couch - read mags - drink tea - and just hang out. She will be back soon for our wedding. I know that we will have another nice visit then too.

Alright friends - I am sorry that I don't have a recipe to add. I think that you all know how to make toast though - if you don't, please let me know. :)



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