Saturday, November 13, 2010

Cagney and Lacey

My stagette party was last week. It was a great day/night. My sister and cousin planned such a great day for me - and it was so nice to get out and spend the day with them and some of my good friends.

The last stop for the night was the Irish Times Pub. I love Celtic music - so I was in my element. When I was backpacking in Europe, we spent a couple of days in Dublin and I loved it. I was travelling with Margo and Nancy, my two BMs. Nancy loved it so much that she lives there now. Anyways, I loved the music when we were there so much. So much of the music is what I grew up on. My dad would crank 'What would you do with a drunken sailor?' or 'Whiskey in the jar'. I bought an Irish Boran drum when I was there - not really practical when you are back packing. I packed it up and sent it home - I probably should have carried it with me and tried to play it to make a little cash. I think that I thought that I would bring it home and start a band. I would play that and my tambourine and just Irish rock it out. Now the Boran drum is art on the shelf.

Let me get back to my point. Did I have one? Yipes, I'm not sure.

The band was awesome! Tracy bought me a CD for a treat. It is good! I was sitting very close to the stage and the singer was rocking out his boran drum. Many times throughout the night I was tempted to pick it up and pound on it. I didn't. I chickened out. Not like the time that I went on stage at club while there was a Neil Diamond tribute band playing - and I stood beside the tambourine player and asked if I could play with her - she let me - for two songs. I felt like a total rock star.

I did however, dance a lot. It was so much fun.

We had met friends throughout the night - who were a lot of fun - and were very excited to make sure that they were a part of the stagette. At one point one of the guys that was sitting at the table, who I am pretty sure is Chris' brother's twin (it was a bit spooky) , his sister leaned over and asked if I knew a hairdresser - I did! My friend and hairdresser, Dulce, was with us, and the sister was wanting to know if she could cut her brother's hair. So Dulce did. The sister had told her brother's wife that he would either be on the 7AM ferry or have a hair cut. He was obviously at that point, in no condition to get the first ferry. They had a huge audience watching them - so good.

At the end of the night, my BIL (brother in law) picked us up to take us home. He was driving a wee bit fast and unfortunately it didn't go unnoticed. A routine speeding stop turned into something so ridiculous. Something so ridiculous that turned into us waiting for more than 40 minutes. Margo and I were in the backseat - so we had a good view to give a nice play by play. I named the female police officers - Cagney and Lacey. They didn't seem to have any interest that I was wearing a leg warmers, a garder on the outside of my jeans, star shaped sun glasses or a lei around my neck. They didn't comment on the grouse's claw that was around my wrist or the fake bouquet of flowers. They also didn't recognize that the 3 women in the car's bowels were going to burst. They did however, have no expression on their faces or move their mouths when they talked. I have a feeling that the Cagney and Lacey legacy will live on for quite some time.

This past week has been super busy. Normally any spare time that I have, I would normally sit down and do my blog after having time to have cooked dinner or something else. I just haven't had time this week. Every spare moment I have, has been dedicated to the wedding. Oh BTW, our wedding is 2 weeks away. 2 WEEKS!!!! I just had a hot flash or a panic attack. I'm not sure what it was.

So, I think that for the next couple of weeks, that I will be here only every once in awhile. I really want to write during this time b/c I don't want to forget a thing.

My normal 2 day weekend, turned into a 4 day. What a treat. The two extra days were good. I was able to get a lot of wedding stuff done. Today, my mom is taking my sister and I with her to try her dress on for the last time. I can't wait to see it. And then we are out to celebrate Uncle David's birthday - hoorah!

Alright friends, no new meal ideas today - but if I had the time to stay at home and make something, I would make:
or Grilled Sandwiches with lots of cheese

Alright - enjoy the weekend.



Jenny said...

Sounds like a blast!!!
Our family is hugely into Irish tunes! Scott has made the best Irish tunes CD's. I always put the music on when I need to smile.
Hope you're savouring these moments before the big day!!

Cheryl said...

Hi Jenny - it was. I think that I remember you telling me many moons ago about Scott's love for Irish music. Not sure why I would remember that. If you ever come to Vic - we should go there.