Friday, November 19, 2010

Countdown continues... 7 days!

Just what I will look like on my wedding morning.

10 days before my wedding, I had our new pup sitter come over for tea, so that she could meet the pups. Her name is Karen, and I used to work with her. I feel so fortunate that she will be hanging out with them, as I was so worried that I wouldn't find someone.

9 days before my wedding I made italian sausages, perogies and sauteed cabbage for dinner. It was good. It was a tasty dinner - I know not the most healthiest - but it was an easy dinner and Chris rated it a 5.

8 days before my wedding - Chris was involved in an altercation at 5 AM at work. A hoodlum tried to carjack his friend's brand new truck. Chris, thankfully was able to use the skills that he has trained for, for years. It was a bit of an emotional day - Chris is fine and so is his friend. The hoodlum has been charged and hopefully he will be off the streets for awhile.

7 days before my wedding was my last day of work for 2 weeks. It is also Chris' stag. I had my GF Tracy over, with her daughter, Emma. We had hors d'oeuvres, and pizza and then Tracy helped me with a project for our wedding. Did I mention that tomorrow, it is 6 days! SIX. On this day as well, it is snowing! Oh how I love the snow!!!

No recipes tonight friends. But, I do recommend making a pot of White Bean Soup, this weekend.

I am just going to take the pups out for a quick run in the snow. We all love it. I might make Jozie wear her jacket. She dislikes the coat. She acts like she is being scolded when she has to put it on - and Magnum acts like he doesn't know who she is. It's hillarious.

Ok, have a good night.




Anonymous said...

love the picture... still so you!! Shari

rashmi said...

Ok...seriously Cheryl that pic is the most adorable pic ever...u r sooooo cute, I'm smiling n ok giggling looking at it right now n for some reason emotional. 6 days n that lil sweet friend of mine is getting married, really a mixture of emotions!!! Sooooo happy for u!!!
Snow!!! Don't u luv luv it!?!? It has snowed so much here in Okotoks in the last few days...reminds me of our good ol town of Kitimat with all the snow! Anyways hope u n the fury kids had a nice walk in the snow...I have to send u a pic of my Jenna girl with snow on her nose n eyebrows, she is looks like a fury senior citizen!!!
Well my sweets u have a wonderful wonderful next 6dsys leading to your special day...remember to relax n breathe! Luv u lots! R