Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Help Wanted. Apply within.


Looking for an Assistant for the last 3 days. Must haves:
- Patience
- The ability to smile and not comment on anything that I say, unless I ask for a comment
- To run around after my 'soon to be husband' and put his coat away where it belongs, so that it isn't left on the couch, the chair, the bathroom door knob, the kitchen counter...
- To not forget anything
- To write my lists for me and then do everything on them
- To help me lose 20 lbs in 3 days
- To not laugh at me when I ask them to help me lose 20 lbs in 3 days

If you know of such a person - please have them apply.

I am having 25 (or so) people in for dinner tomorrow night. Neat.

On the menu:
Antipasto platter
Treats for dessert

Alright friends - not sure when, where or if I will have a chance to write again before my big day - but I really want to. So am going to add that to my list for my new Assistant.




Pilar said...

To whom it may concern,

I would like to apply as my qualifications as an assistant to your wedding needs can be utilized. I charge $1000.99 per 5 items on the list. But you can get a deal because you are getting married in 3 days for $999.98.

If not hired, I will go to your wedding anyway and dance. dance until I cannot feel my legs. Celebrate the love, the love in the air and the love that deserves celebration for this special ocassiooon (pronounced ocassshioo) french accent please.

You guys belong with eachother, love, love, love eternal love for the two of you.

Felicidades en su boda!!!

rashmi said...

Well U know that I would apply for that position in a heart beat...but due to being in a different province I could only send u my luv n well wishes of eternal love to both of you! I cannot be there on your special day but know my friend that I will be thinking of u n even have a drink n maybe even dance like a fool by myself imagining celebrating your day with u both in Cowtown!!! Luv u both!!

Jenny said...

I, too, wish I could gain employment with you for this wonderful position. But, alas, reality sets in. I do think that your wedding is going to go without a hitch. And 20 pounds...phewf, girlfriend, I have 3 times that to lose!
You are going to be the most beautiful bride. I will toast you with a glass(ahem...bottle) of the finest. I hope that you dance an Irish Jig to the Irish Rovers...another thing I will do in your honour.
Wishing you and your handsome husband to be a lifetime of love, honour and laughter. Remember to live by these words: "the greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return."
Much love

Anonymous said...

I thought that I have been your assistant for the last 9 months, Am I FIRED?

Anonymous said...

wow....that's a long list and now since I am not working I would like to set up a meeting to discuss my qualifications with you.
Good luck and remember it's about the marriage not the day! Everything will work out great because you are an amazing person.
Luv.... T~

Tracy said...

OH friend... turns out, you don't even need an assistant! Look at how much has already been done. You're there already rock star! nothing more to worry about because it's all coming together for the big day. And I'll always be here if you need any more help. And you don't want to lose 20 pounds... your dress fits perfectly and if it didn't you'd have to make a wedding dress out of toilet paper an hour before your wedding and you don't want to do that friend. Trust me, BEEN THERE! hahaha just kidding. Although a toilet paper dress just might come in handy if you know what I mean ;)