Monday, November 1, 2010

November is here. Countdown continues.

26 Days!

November 1st. My oh my, November. I have been waiting for November since February - well actually probably March. I can't believe that our wedding is coming so quickly. There is a lot still to do - but it's little stuff, fun stuff - so I shouldn't stress too much, or turn into Bridezilla.

I am not the girl that has been waiting for this day for my entire life. I have went through stages over my life time - thinking of marriage, children, a home... In all honesty, I think that I have thought about having children more than anything. But I was thinking today, of when Chris and I first got together, and I just remember the feeling then, of knowing that I was always going to be with Chris. Through good times and in bad - I knew that he would be my mate, my best friend, my partner for life, and now he will be my husband. It's all overwhelming in such a powerful and incredible way.


I was over at Jules' for dinner tonight. I invited myself. I like to do that from time to time. Not only do I get a delicious meal out of it, but I like for her to work on her cooking skills for cooking for more than one. She always complains that she forgets how to cook for more than herself, but she doesn't. Tonight on the menu: Roasted chicken with sweet potatoes; stuffing with cranberries; Cauliflower Cakes with basil - better than mine - Mom please tell us what kind of basil you use again, thanks; steamed asparagus.

To my mom (b/c I know that she is reading this - but maybe not until Tuesday morning b/c I am sure that she has already had her bath): Mom it was delicious and Chris loved it too. I would like to come for dinner every week until I am married. Because once I am married, life will be very different. I will be a bride, and will have to be home every night making dinner for my husband. Wait. Wait! I already do that. Mom, I have changed my mind - I would like to come for dinner every week.

Last night's Chili was accompanied with fresh baked Cornbread. Delicious cornbread; however, this cornbread was not as flavourful as I had hoped. It was still tasty, and went so good with the Chili, but it was missing something. My mission now will be to master the recipe. The recipe that I found and adapted called for sugar, which I didn't want to add. It also called for bacon, which I didn't have. So it was missing something - not quite sure if it was the sweetness or a little bit of heat. I would definitely try this recipe though - and add red pepper flakes, a couple of pinches of sugar, and maybe a bunch of fresh herbs.


2 cups of cornmeal - yellow or white
1 cup flower
2 teaspoons baking soda
2 teaspoons baking powder
2 tablespoons of kosher salt
4 eggs
2 cups of milk
2 tbsp of fresh chives - chopped
Fresh oregano - chopped

Pre-heat the oven to 375.

In a large bowl mix all of the dry ingredients.

In a separate bowl whisk the eggs until frothy. Whisk in the milk. Slowly, whisk the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients and continue to whisk until everything is mixed together. Add in the fresh herbs and mix again.

I prefer to use my cast iron skillet - if you have one - I would recommend using it. If not then just using a baking dish.

Drizzle a teaspoon of olive oil into the skillet - and with a paper towel, coat the skillet with the olive oil. Pour in the batter, and bake.

Sit, have a glass of wine, or a cold beer, or a milk shake or a glass of water, or have a shower, or watch a 25 minute show...

Bake for 25 minutes, or until fully baked.

And that's it.

Well friends, that's it for this November 1st. There will never be another November 1st that I am engaged. And thanks to my momma, it was a good one.




Anonymous said...

I am glad that you enjoyed our dinner, I love to have you over, but you are right, I find it hard to get everything together on time, I used to be good at it.Cooking alone doesn't help.So Cheryl, you and your husband to be are welcome anytime.Why don't you use some honey in your corn bread. I use Lighthouse Basil, freeze dried from Thrifty's. 22 days, sure hope I have an outfit by then.

Jessica J said...

Mmmmmmmm. I love cornbread!! What about cheese? Cheese has the salt and the sharpness to make anything that is missing something complete; well IMO. BTW, I love your blog Cher. I look forward to reading your stories and seeing what you've fashioned up every single day. What will tomorrow be...?