Thursday, December 9, 2010

Another kind of countdown

Christmas Countdown

About a month ago, I was on the countdown for our wedding. It was kind of fun - counting down the days, making lists, crossing things off the list, looking for an Assistant. I am not missing the daily countdowns. I loved all of the planning - so am not missing it. Part of me wishes that the day was happening again tomorrow - just so that I can remember it all over again.

I have heard that many brides go through a bit of a depression when their wedding is over. I can see that happening. For me, I had so much fun planning all of it - that I think that it was enough for me. I think that if Christmas wasn't right around the corner, that I could see maybe be a little bummed that all the hoopla is over.

Speaking of Christmas. CHRISTMAS is literally right around the corner. How did that happen? I am about to tell you something and I am NOT fibbing. I have bought 2 presents. 2. 2 out of a lot. How did that happen? I have to go gang busters this weekend. I don't really know what it means to go 'gang busters' but I have heard people say that and it sounds cool. I plan on trying to get it all done this weekend. My husband doesn't know about this plan yet - I'll surprise him with it - as I know how he loves to shop. Did you sense sarcasm?

Ok, I am going to share a recipe with you - but you have to picture what it would look like - as the camera cord is still MIA.

Mushroom Gravy Sims Style

1 medium sized onion - chopped
3 cups of fresh button mushrooms - thinly sliced
1-2 tbsp butter
1-2 tbsp flour
1 1/2 cups stock - vegetable (if you want to keep it vegetarian) or chicken for a different flavour
Fresh thyme - if you have any on hand
Kosher salt and pepper

I love making this to go with anything really. Sometimes if I make a roasted chicken, I will whip this up to serve with it. When Chris' sister was here I made it for her as she is a vegetarian. She had never had it before - I was surprised - it's a great alternative for a vegetarian or vegan.

In a large skillet, saute the onion in olive oil and season with kosher salt. Saute over medium heat. After about 8 minutes, add the mushrooms. You may want to add another dash of olive oil. Continue to saute until the mushrooms become tender. When they are cooked, add the butter. The butter and flour measurements should equal - so you can add as much as you like. I sometimes do 1 1/2 of each.

After you have added the butter and it has melted, sprinkle the flour. Stir it all together - and it will almost make like a roux. Then slowly add a 1/2 a cup of the stock at a time - and whisk together. Keep the heat at medium and add the rest of the stock. Let it thicken - and add a dash more of kosher salt, pepper and the fresh thyme.

And that is it. It's a delicious sauce to add over chicken, pork and steak.

Alright - I need to pack it in for the night.



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