Monday, December 13, 2010

The Wall.

Here is a little 'Wedding Teaser' from our wedding photographer. So excited to see how they all turn out.

We had a weekend like no others. It was so incredible. We have been planning part of this weekend since May - the same weekend that I found my wedding dress. One of Chris' favourite albums of all times is 'The Wall' by Pink Floyd. Roger Waters, was the lead singer of the band - and is now on tour doing 'The Wall'. I know, you are all probably thinking that my knowledge of The Wall is huge. I know, it really is. Well, not exactly. I pretty much learned all about it during the concert.

We met, Kian, at the concert who was so kind to send me a few pics. I forgot my camera - and was so happy that he didn't mind sending me a few. It was a bit awkward to ask - but I was happy I did.

We bought tickets that included a dinner and drinks before the concert and then 7th row seats beside the stage. There were a few times during the concert that we were about 20 feet away from Mr. Rogers. I loved being that close.

A few times throughout the night, I also cried. Please don't tell anyone that I cried at a rock concert. I couldn't help it.

When the concert started, pictures of people that died as a result of war were displayed with their names, and when and where they died. That type of stuff always makes me teary - but I was also so happy that Chris was seeing his most favourite album of ALL TIMES. Seeing him so excited - was a bit much.

Then during the intermission, on the wall that was built up during the concert - they displayed more pictures and a profile of people that lost their lives as a result of war. THEN, when he sang 'Vera' - they showed videos of kids whose military parents surprise them after being away, and then children in places like Afghanistan and Africa, whose lives are in devastation. I couldn't contain myself.

You know it's a good concert when.

I didn't know what to expect - but it was so worth it. Anything that can fulfill my husband's dreams is the best. Sorry, not trying to sound gushy - just really feel this way.

Well, I have the flu right now. I am not sure what has hit me - but it feels like it was a semi-truck. I had to come home from work today early - couldn't make it through. I ended up curling up on the couch and napping for 2.5 hours. I have also managed to eat some toast. Love toast.

I haven't been cooking - really. I have made spaghetti twice in two weeks - and that is kind of becoming a weekly meal for us I think. I like it because I can make enough for at least 4 meals for the two of us. It's like a miracle. And thankfully for me, Chris loves leftovers.

The holidays are here, so here are a few things that I will be cooking up for some of our get togethers.

Breadsticks with a marinara sauce for dipping
Baked Brie
Hummus with homemade pita chips
Spinach Dip

There will probably be more I'm sure. I just have to kick this flu - and feel like I am back to normal.

Hope all is well.



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Jenny said...

That's Scott's favourite album as well...he'll only be slightly jealous that he couldn't see this concert!!
Hope you start to feel better!!