Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wedding bliss.

Ok, let's do this.
Where have I been? What have I been doing? What have I been eating? What is different now that I am married?

Warning: This is probably the longest post ever.

Well, I am pretty sure that most of you aren't wondering any of that - but bear with me - I am going to entertain myself and catch up. Before I start - I have to try and figure out why I haven't been telling my deepest darkests. I think that after the wedding, having family here, and then just 'coming down' from all of the wedding hype. I just have found getting back in to the routine - has been just a little tough. And another thing - is that I have misplaced my cord for my camera - so the pictures that I have taken - I can't download them to my lt. So... until I have that remedied (fancy word) I will probably just post some pics of our wedding - and have you try and visualize what I have cooked. Or... just wait until I get my cord. Ugh.

We started out the festivities by hosting a small dinner for our family and friends that were in town. So fun. I loved that my family finally got to meet Chris'.

The wedding really was everything that we had hoped that it would be. Chris and I had an amazing weekend with our family and fave friends. I loved every minute of it. We had the rehearsal dinner on the Friday night that was hosted by Chris' dad and my mom. Us girls then went back to our room - I bunked with my lovely, Nancy, one of the gorgeous BM's. We made up the center pieces, Margo, my cuzzie and other BM had her hair done. We ended the night - chatting and me lying in bed, trying hard to believe that my wedding day was here.

The next day, we were up early - hanging out in my mom's suite. Eating, and getting everything organized for hair and makeup. It was really quite the production, but oh so fun. My friend, and hairdresser, Dulce, did all of hair. She did an incredible job. Melanie Baird, did my makeup, my mom's and my aunt's. She did a wonderful job. It was the first time that I had worn fake lashes - and can't wait to wear them again. She made my aunt and mom look even more beautiful than they are. There is just something of having a day of pampering - both Dulce and Melanie - made me feel really good about myself.

Getting ready with my sister, mom, my nieces, my SiLs and my BMs - was so much fun. I just loved all of it. We had so much fun. They all looked so incredibly stunning. My nieces were so cute - I can't wait to see the pictures from the photographer - they were too cute.
My Bridesmaids wore black, strapless dresses with silver ribbons. The skirt was just below the knees and had little pick ups. When we went out for pictures, the girls wore stoles over top - and they were so beautiful. I can't wait to see the photographer's pics - so exciting. The flowergirls wore silver dresses, with little sweaters. My niece, Keelyn, wore a little Tiara. I asked her months ago if she would like to wear one, she said yes, so I was on the hunt to find her the perfect one.

My mom wore an amazing cranberry coloured dress. It was a long dress, sleeveless, and then she had a beautiful jacket to go with it. It was the most flattering dress - and she looked incredible.

My dress - I love it. I loved it the day of the wedding - and in fact I am wearing it right now. Just kidding. If I could, I probably would though. I loved the colour and I loved the little black belt that went with it. The belt had little rhinestones on it. The shoes that I wore were little black flats which also had rhinestones. And then for pictures outside, I wore a black stole. I am actually wearing that right now. Just kidding. I would wear it again though - probably on a cold winter's night when my husband and I walk the dogs arm in arm, Chris will wear a suit jacket with an ascot and smoke a pipe.

The ceremony - so lovely. My brother walked me down the aisle while bagpipes were playing - and he wore his kilt. He looked amazing. It was so emotional planning our wedding knowing that my dad would not be there to walk me down the aisle. My brother took my hand and patted it just as my dad did right before we started down the stairs. I just knew that my dad was watching down and was so proud.

Ok - I am rambling. I just loved it all.

The reception was perfect. I loved every element. The food was incredible. The decor was sparkling - everything in silver and white. We gave our table names - names from the Ingredients of Our Lives - i.e, Whittlesey (the street I grew up on in Kitimat), Maggie, Oromocto (Chris' hometown). We had a crossword puzzle with questions about us. We gave tiger fudge as our favours that I made, and we wrapped them in white little bags with silver ribbons. And then we also gave a cookbook out that Chris and I made up with our favourite recipes. That was one of my favourite things that we did for the wedding.

Ok - I have to end this. I am rambling - your probably falling asleep. I will share some more stories - and pictures when I get them. I want to tell the stories so that I can look back on this and reminisce. It all went by so fast - that I know that I will appreciate it some day.

I hope that all is well with you folks.




Megan said...

Looks like it was a lovely wedding. Congrats!!

Jenny said...

You made me bawl when I read that your brother patted your hand like your dad used to...sounds like a beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple...

Lori said...

Hi Cheryl, A big congratulations--to you both!
I haven't had a chance to hear all the details yet, as life has been 'busy'--only that it was VERY special and beautiful... I look forward to hearing more :)....
When looking at some of the pictures i was struck imediately (after being in awe of how GREAT you looked!) by how much your brother looks like your dad! Infact i had to take a second look and shake my head :)..Cheryl Hugh looks just how i remember your dad-standing at the arena, leaning forward, chatting with all the Dad's and then the odd flash of that lovely smile and a chuckle :)...I am so very sure 'Mr Mitchell' was with you-in everything thing he left your family with in their hearts (and apparently-- genetics! haha), and likely smiling from the front row being his quiet and calm self, bursting with pride..
From our little family to yours--very best wishes for a happy, healthy and beautiful marriage.