Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dulce's Chicken Adobo

Meet Dulce. Dulce is my hairdresser and my friend. She is funny; gorgeous, talented and an all around great person.

Dulce has been doing my hair for many years. She is a great hairdresser. She does exactly what I want her to do - and steers me in the right direction if I think about doing something different. When I go to her house to get my doo done, there is always something cooking and always a Philippino game show on the tv. She likes to sing me Philippino songs - and when I catch a word or two I will sing it back to her - so she now thinks after many years that I can understand what I am saying.
My stagette - Dulce cut a stranger's hair so that he didn't have to go home on the 7AM ferry!

Dulce was there for our wedding. She was there late the night before straightening Margo's hair, and then back bright and early doing the hair for the BM's and some of the makeup. She was such a good sport - making all of us glamourous and beautiful.

So, the reason why I have introduced you to Dulce is because she introduced me to one of my favourite Philippine dishes. My sister-in-law has family parties where there is the most amazing Philippine food - it's all so deelish. I am not really sure of the recipe - as Dulce tells me a little bit of what goes in the recipe - and then she laughs and just wants me to eat.

I will name this after Dulce as I am forever grateful that she has made me this dish. PS - this is probably the easiest dish to make - EVAH!!

Dulce's Chicken Adobo

10-12 chicken legs
3-4 garlic cloves - minced
1 cup soya sauce - I like to use low fat, low sodium
1 cup vinegar - I think that typically you use white vinegar - but I didn't have any on hand - so used Rice Vinegar. I will definitely use this again.
Black pepper

In a large pot, add the soya sauce, vinegar, garlic and black pepper. Stir it all together, and then add the chicken legs and ensure that the chicken is all covered in the sauce. Cover and heat over medium heat. And leave it.

Leave it.

Maybe after 15 minutes, give it a stir. And do this again just to ensure that all of the chicken is cooking in the sauce.

After about 45 minutes - the chicken should be falling off the bone.

I served this with brown rice - I drizzled some of the sauce over the rice. Then I sauteed a bunch of peppers and served those as well.

Chris loved this dinner. He rated this a 5+. Dulce will be very happy about that.

If you want to try something a little different - give this a try.



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