Monday, January 31, 2011


I keep saying that I should be cooking - because I have a cooking blog - and I have cooked - but it is all the same stuff that I always cook. I have had the weirdest appetite, so I have been cooking simple things - instead of spending time thinking about what I will make for dinner, what ingredients, what should I try new; my mind is thinking - what can I make that is healthy and how can I have it cooked and eaten within 30 minutes.

So I am worried - should I change my focus. Should I write about random stupid stuff and what recipe in a cooking magazine would be good to make? Or should I write about how my dogs? Should I write about the last 20 years of dinner party dinners that I went to?


OMG - all those are so lame - and I fell asleep when I was writing the ideas. I guess I just need to focus, better organize my time, and remember how much I love to write and share my recipes. Sigh.

I have been busy the past couple of weeks - nothing out of control - I haven't travelled the world, or won the lotto, I have just been doing stuff. Fun stuff.

A couple of weeks ago I took my mom to The Canadian Championships. So fun. We got tickets to the Dance and Men's finals. I hadn't been to a competition like that before. They were all so amazing.

I used to be a figure skater. My sister may say 'Figure Skater'. I was pretty good. Sniff. Well, not really at all. I started skating when I was 3 and finished my last year of high school. I competed and took tests - but I was not a superstar. I used to have a lot of fun - would constantly be told to get my butt in gear and stop holding up the boards. What it did do for me, was keep in amazing shape,, out of trouble and I met some great friends. Now... when I skate, which hasn't been in a very long time, I can skate and that's it. No fancy dancy, or tricks. I found this picture in my collection. My friend Colleen was standing beside me, but I didn't know if she would want her pic included. That isn't an outfit that I would wear regularly - it was for an 'Under the Big Top' carnival. I was supposed to be the Ring Leader. I remember thinking how fast and strong that I was - and then I watched my performance afterwards - oh my. I was like 'uh, how come you're not moving?' and 'Uh, did your feet leave the ice when you jumped?'.

Hence, I didn't make it to the Canadians level. But now when people ask how far I got in skating, I'll probably say something like 'I went to Canadians' and then pray to god that they don't ask me what year - b/c that will be really embarrassing for me.

This past weekend Chris and I went to such a fun dinner party. It was called 'Dinner for 12'. My friend Maegan and her sister (Tracey) and their husbands hosted a dinner party for 4 other couples, none of who knew each other. It was a potluck that made up a 4 course dinner. Vinnie, Tracey's husband, played bartender and made the best drinks. I will definitely be serving up one of them soon.

He also made an incredible main. Beef tenderloin with polenta and gorgonzola cheese. I will be making this polenta - soon. Soon. VERY SOON. It was one of the tastiest things that I have eaten in a very long time.

They had the table decorated so beautifully, and we played a game and just had the greatest time.

Well - that is my update for now. I will cook soon I promise - and post recipes.

I hope that you're all having a great week - and are excited for what February will bring.



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