Monday, April 4, 2011

Guest Chef - Reido - AKA Raven Lunatic


That is the sound of me getting a cold. Come on!!!! I just recovered from the devil's sickness and now a cold. I am not happy about this one. Not ONE bit. I have to let it go. Breath in (can't, my nose is plugged). Breath out (very unattractive).

Today was my first day back after a week off. Oh what a nice week it was. Chris and I just hung around, spent some much needed time together, explored downtown and went up island to visit my cuzzie and her family. It was a great visit - short and sweet - and they spoiled us with a fresh oyster dinner. Fresh!! Fresh as in Reido and Chris (ok mostly Reido - Chris went along for the support I think) walked down to the beach near their house and grabbed them for our dinner.

I have only had oysters once before. My brother took my mom and I to Monk McQueen's, right down on the inner harbour in Vancouver. It's a very nice restaurant known for their seafood. It was my birthday - and at the end of the dinner a piano player played 'Happy Birthday' to me and I was serenaded. That part was so fun. The oyster part... not my fave. They were raw, and the texture and the idea just wasn't for me. Later that evening... the oysters didn't sit well, and I never had them again.

I was a little skeptic to try the oysters this time around - but I know that Reido is a great chef and my cousin always talks about the dishes that he is creating.

I am excited to have Reido as a Guest Chef - and the fun part about this one - is that I was there to watch him create/prepare his masterpiece.

Meet Reido

What is your favourite meal to make?
Schnitzel and speitzel

What is your most memorable meal ever?
Steamed clams and oysters on the back of my boat with my wife. And, also pulled pork sandwiches in the pissing rain surf side in Lahaina.

If you could have dinner with anyone, anywhere - who would it be, where would it be and what would be on the menu?
Franz Klammer - Raclette and Schnaps in the Swiss Alps

Raw eel or yam roll?
Yam Roll

What is your favourite dish that you make for your wee'ins?
Spagbog - Merville's slang for spaghetti

Oysters Two Ways

Deep fried oysters

Bread crumbs
Oil for frying - Reid used a very nice deep fryer

Reid shucked the oysters and gently rinsed them in water to ensure that all the sand and bits of shells were out. Then he gently tossed them in bread crumbs. And then into the deep fryer - fried for a couple of minutes. Put them on a plate and served.

OMG - they were so delicious. I was very ladylike and only had 3 - but I would have eaten all of them if I was on my lonesome.

Oyster Motoeyaki

Now, now. If you ever have a chance to try this - please do. They were so flavourful, so delicious. The oysters were cooked perfectly and the topping of miso paste and a few other ingredients was like nothing I had tasted before. Those kids up in Merv are so creative.

I don't really have the exact recipe - so bare with me.

Oysters were put on the grill in the shells. They were grilled until the shells started to open - and then Reid opened them up and tossed the half of the shell.

He prepared the topping with miso paste and Wasabi mayo (this stuff was incredible). He mixed that together, laid the oysters and shells on a baking sheet, topped with the miso topping and then broiled in the oven until the tops were browned.

I am not sure if you'll ever get to try these on your own, if not, but you see them on a menu, then give them a try. I am also sure that if you stopped in on Reido and my cousin that they would have you in for an oyster feast. Ok, maybe not - but they are incredibly hospitable.

I love trying new things - and I love spending time with loved ones. Our visit was great - and I will be back guys!



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