Sunday, May 1, 2011

Goodbye's are always sad

Blinked - and the weekend is over. It was a bittersweet weekend. Sweet because it was full of friends, family, food and good weather, but bitter because we are saying farewell to friends who are moving across country.

Tina, Jon and pup, Penny, have packed up all of their belongings and are heading out tomorrow for a road trip to their new home in Ontario.

We are really going to miss them. Although I am sad to see them leave, I am so excited for them. I am so excited for them to start on a journey, just the two of them and their pup, starting fresh, starting new, and doing it together.

I thought of them leaving when I was coming home from work the other night - and I got really emotional. Missing them yes, but (and I hope that I don't make this sound weird) but I am a bit envious of their adventure. I love our life - but there is a part of me - that sometimes wish that Chris and I could pick up and try something new. Not sure if that makes sense? It might just be the adventure that I am envious of - an adventure with their loved one. I know that we are just young and we are full of adventures and they will be full of everything that we want them to be.

We will be heading to Ontario in September and we are hoping that we can have a visit with them and see them in their new surroundings.

For the rest of the weekend, we had my sister and nephews over for dinner. I made a variation of pulled pork sandwiches (which I just realized I have never posted and I don't have pictures - will have to make again, soon), coleslaw and mac & cheese.

This morning I had my friend, Tracy and her daughter, Emma, over for the Royal Wedding. I PVR'd it so that we could watch together with tea sandwiches, scones, cupcakes and sip out of RW tea cups. It was a great way to watch the couple in love get married.

Alright, I just wanted to touch base, and let y'all know what I have been up to. Aren't you happy now? Just kidding.

I hope that you all had a great weekend - that it was sunny where you are - and that you are ready to hit this week with full force.




Chrissy said...

I'm happy for them as well. I will miss them and do hope they come back and visit; I'm a bit envious as well. I would love to move close to my family. I'm looking forward to hearing all about their new adventures.

ps- Thanks for hosting the other night :) It was great to see you both we should do it more often.

C. Mitchell said...

It will be different without them. Yes, let's get together again soon - let's not wait too long.