Monday, May 9, 2011


My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard... I think that song is really talking about milkshakes.

I love milkshakes. LOVE. I got that trait from my dad. He loved ice cream. I LOVE ice cream. He used to make huge ice cream cones, he loved making floats and he loved a good milkshake. I can remember my dad making an ice cream cone using two cones and having enough scoops on both of them. He would claim he was going to share with our pup, but I am not sure that she really got much.

Last week was Jozie's 8th birthday. We always treat them to an ice cream cone. We let the pups share one. They share my love of ice cream - I taught them from a young age. Oh, ice cream may not be good for dogs you're saying - but whatever, once a year won't hurt them.

I should not really have ice cream, it's not good for me, and after having it for years and years I can see that it goes right to the hips and belly - it doesn't just slide off.

Since I love it so much, I have been trying to come up with healthy options that remind me of my love for the icy treat. I am not really sure if it is really any healthier, but I like to think that it is. So, if I am 'cheating' and treating myself, I like to think that I am doing it in a healthy way. My new 'ice cream' treat is vanilla frozen yogurt - Chapman's brand - low fat, low sugar. And since strawberries are fresh and plentiful right now, I have been perfecting a milkshake - aka - frozen yogurtshake.

This recipe uses frozen yogurt - but if you want to use ice cream please do - it will taste just as deelish. I will still call it a milkshake b/c yogurtshake doesn't have the same ring.

Strawberry Milkshake

10 fresh strawberries - washed and the tops cut off
1/3 cup milk - or yogurt
5 generous scoops of frozen vanilla yogurt

Place the strawberries and the milk or yogurt in the blender. Puree the strawberries and milk until they are fully blended. Add the frozen yogurt and blend again until the frozen yogurt is creamy and silky smooth.

And that's really it.

The flavour of the strawberries is so natural and organic. The frozen yogurt is not overwhelming and is full of incredible bursts of flavour with the bits of strawberries.

This is a perfect treat for anyone you love. Love yourself!



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