Wednesday, July 13, 2011

20 mins.

Oh my. What a day. A good day.

I am kind of excited what I am about to share. Before I get with sharing, let me go back in time. I have done two running clinics. Each time I went for the 13 weeks, did the Times Colonist 10K and then pretty much stopped running. I am not really sure why I stopped - I think that it has something to do with reaching my goal, and then my mind just realizes that the goal has been reached, so no more runny. Yipes. This realization is a whole other blog post.

Anyways, when I started to work out this year, I was set to pretty much work out with my trainer a couple of times a week, and then I would work out a couple of times on my own*. Then Hit to Fit came to the gym below us at work, so I started to work out there a couple of times a week. And then I realized that I should do some cardio at least once a week, so I started running on the treadmill, just once a week.
*In my mind that is what I thought I would do - but oh how I struggle.

When I first started I would do 30 minutes and run for 2-3 mins, sometimes 4, and then walk for 1. It worked out well - it was a good work out. Sorry that this is a doozy of a story.

This is my first week back to the gym, and today was my running day. I started walking for 3 mins and thought about what my intervals would be. I thought 4 mins running and 1 min walking. At the 3 minute mark I started to run. At the 6 minute mark, I decided to keep running. Then I thought, try to run for 10 minutes. Then when I hit the 10 minuter mark, I said that I would try 12, then 15 - and then I made it to 20 minutes. I ran for 20 minutes straight!!
The first time ever for me to run past 10 minutes.

I know that was a bit of an explanation - but I was so excited. What I realized later on in the day when I was 'reflecting' was that I didn't talk myself out of it. I always do. Typically I would start and at the 2 minute mark I would start thinking about how tired I was; how my shoulders hurt; how my breathing was bad. It was like the first time that I didn't try to give up, I didn't talk myself out of it, and it was like I knew that I could do it.

I think that on my path - it was one of those moments that I know that I can do things. I don't always think that I can and then something like today happens. I'm proud.

For tonight's dinner it was ll things that I have made before.
I made Chicken Adobo - but used boneless, skinless chicken thighs instead.
I stir fried red, yellow and orange peppers with edamame beans.
And served all on top of quinoa.

It was a nice light dinner.

During the playoffs, 2nd last game to be exact, we had a house full. It was one of those kind of nights when you start out inviting a couple of people over and the next thing you know you have 15 in your basement watching the Canucks lose. I had originally planned to make a couple of pizzas and a salad. Sheer panic when the numbers grew. It all worked out, thankfully. A friend brought chicken wings - they always save the day.

Anyways, the pizzas that I put together were quick and pretty tasty if I do say so myself. I cheated and used whole wheat pre-made pizza crusts. They're easy - and quick.

Pear, Chicken, Red Pepper and Goat Cheese Pizza

That's pretty much what it is.

1 pizza crust
Pizza sauce - to lightly cover
1 anjou pear - cut into very thin slices
1 cooked chicken breast - cut into small pieces
1 red pepper - cut into thin slices
Goat cheese - maybe 1/2 cup - crumbled on top

Top the pizza sauce with the chicken, red peppers, pears and then goat cheese.

Bake as per the instructions. And voila it's ready to dig into.

The goat cheese and pears go so well together.

You can do these on naan bread or pitas as well - a great alternative - and are so nice done on the bbq.

Alright friends - I hope that Hump Day was good for you.



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Kath said...

WAY TO GO!! 20 minutes is a great run! Good for you and thanks for inspiring (dragging) me to Hit to Fit at lunchtimes!