Thursday, July 14, 2011

Accidents happen

I don't have a recipe for tonight. The reason for that is b/c we had La Taquisa for dinner. Yumma in my tumma. They just opened a place in the shopping mall across from work and I have had it at work. And it kind of seems to be turning into our Thursday night choice for dinner. Kind of like a Thursday night dinner club, but we're the only ones in the club, so it's probably not really a club. If you want to join us, let me know, b/c I think that starting a club is cool. I always have the chicken burrito and Chris has the El Gordo - I think mostly b/c he likes saying 'El Gordo'. The El Gordo is a burrito with double meat. If you have an opportunity to try it out, I would highly recommend it. Oh, and also try their chicken tacos.

Prior to my wannabe Thursday night dinner club, I had my Thursday ass kicking - aka my Thursday workout with my trainer, El Diablo. Sorry, I mean Tanya. No, I mean El Diablo. I call her El Diablo, the devil, she thinks it's funny. I'm pretty sure that she thinks it's funny b/c she enjoys being the devil during my workout.

Tonight's workout was hard. The first 20 minutes there was burning, broken bones, crying, swearing, yelping and a bunch of other stuff. And then just when I thinking that we may lie on our backs to do some ab stuff - she smiles and tells me that the exercise that we are going to do next is the worse thing that we have done, worse than the ab workout we did on Tuesday night and that I am going to hate it. Uh, who says that while smiling??? What occurred next was hard. The kind of hard that you want to weep but you can't b/c you're so sore that weeping will only make it worse. The 'exercise' was to jump up, then go down on to my hands and jump back at the same time, then go down as if to do a push up, then when down, rollover onto my back and then do a sit up where your top sits up and you bring your knees up at the same time, and then you rollover on your front, go up on your hands, jump your legs forward and then jump up - and do it all over again. 20 times.

I find it funny that when I get home that I am still panting. Attractive I know - but whoa - workout from El Diablo will do that to you.

So after the bootcamp portion of the workout we laid on our backs to do some ab stuff. We laughed about how I wouldn't be able to walk the next day, and that when I am at work I may not be able to get up and use the loo so I would have an accident in my pants. I know some of you may not find that funny, but I was delirious and found it hilarious. I am not sure if Tanya was laughing at that or that I looked like an idiot when I was trying to the El Diablo exercise.

That reminded me of a time when I was 6, and I actually did have an accident in my pants. I was 6 and we lived on a small little street in Kitimat called Plover. It was a cute little street, all bungalows, except the Forward's they had a 2 story, where the kids could do whatever, stay out on the street until late, there was no traffic and everyone looked out for one another.

We had just finished dinner. My mom was still at the table with my sister and brother, and my dad had already left for work for the night. I ran out and was going to call on my friend Tyrian Miskel (sp?). I decided to ride my bike. Her house was about 8 houses down the street. As I jumped off my bike and made my way to the front door I realized that I had to go to the 'bathroom'. I thought to myself, well I will just go in and use hers before we start playing. I knocked and Mrs. Miskel came to the door. I asked if Tyrian was there and if she could play. And then it happened. Mrs. Miskel told me that Tyrian was at our friend Janice's. I couldn't hold it and my pants were filled. I said thank you and turned.

I couldn't ride my bike home for obvious reasons, so I walked it. As I passed Alec's house who came riding out on his bike he yelled 'Cheryl, did you pooh your pants?' and I said 'No!!!!'. I am sure that he could see that my pants were fitting differently. I got home very quickly. I opened the door and yelled 'I poohed my pants'. My poor sister, brother and mom.

So this is an embarrassing story - but I thought it was good to tell. Mostly b/c I am going to ask Tanya to read this, so that she goes easy on me so that my legs aren't broken so that I am always able to be mobile and 'get places' on time.

And just so you know - I heart Tanya, aka El Diablo, so much. If it weren't for her I woudn't be taking care of myself.

Oh friends - it's almost Friday - and I am thrilled.

I hope that you all have a fantastic weekend. I will get my Cook on this weekend and share.




Anonymous said...

Dear Cheryl,

If you think that your charming, heartwarming and endearing childhood story about pooping your 5 yr old pants is going to make me take it easy on you on Tuesday you are sorely mistaken. HA! Did you see that sweet pun there? 'Sorely'? HA! I am a sadistic GENIUS MWAHAHAHAHAAAA!

Anyway, I have the perfect thing in mind for Tuesday and I just know that you are going to dissolve into puddles of delight when you find out what it is! YAY!

Just remember to eat your vegetables and lean proteins... but not too close to our appointment as it may result in what I fondly refer to as 'reflux' ;)

Sending you Much Love, Ibuprofen & Epsom Salts,

El Diablo

ps. As Beth can tell you I am actually illiterate so this excuses me from any punctuation, grammar or spelling errors I may have made in the above post.

Anonymous said...

"No!!" "Nooooo!!!" That's too funny :)..After ElDiablo kicks your ass to extreme excellent may need to spend those self care dollars on some therapy...I am going to start with a tread mill and then save for my therapy ;)Love.Love. Your blog Cherl.

C. Mitchell said...

Dear El Diablo,
Your writing scares me too. Yipes.
Haha - so good.