Sunday, July 24, 2011

Happy Sunny Sunday

Good morning.

I am up a wee bit early this morning. Before 7. There were a few factors that woke me up - people outside on the street talking, the sun coming in through the slat in the blinds and that it's the weekend and it's nice out and I don't want to waste the day. Although, I haven't done anything yet except watch a cooking show.

It's been a nice weekend so far. I love it that we finally have sunshine. Rumours say that it may not last - but I am not going to listen.

Yesterday I decided that I couldn't handle the deck without a little bit of colour so I went out and got a few plants for the pots. I have done a garden/pots for as long as I can remember. Before I had my own place, I used to do the gardens at my parents house. This year was different. I think that it had to do with the fact that I couldn't really see in June, making it hard to want to spend time outside. And, the weather has been so lousy as well, I haven't had much desire to spend time outside either. I love spending time out on the deck in the summer - and I love having the patio furniture out making it like another room - but without some sort of vegetation it just didn't do it for me. I didn't get too ambitious, but I planted a couple of tomato plants, a few herbs and then a few bright annuals.

I decided that I would probably never be able to work in a nursery b/c I would end up bringing all the plants home with me. I felt so badly for them - they were all growing to their maximum in the little tiny pots they were in. I would pick one up to look at it - and couldn't put it back. I definitely got more than I needed - but hopefully they will all flourish in a new pot.

Yesterday I felt a little spoiled - I had a mini mani/pedi at OM. I bought a Groupon months ago - 50% off. I finally went and did it. I had a lady named Laura and she was great! She made my finger nails look lovely and talked me into getting a brighter colour on my toes - and I love it. I will go there again I think for sure.

Since it's finally BBQ season, I am excited to start to try a few new recipes. My newest chicken, is done with mango. You could absolutely use fresh mango, but I found that the frozen organic brand that Safeway has is really quite delicious. I used chicken legs, but it would be good with any type.

Barbecued Mango Chicken

8-10 chicken legs
Kosher salt and pepper
1 1/2 cup of mango
1 tbsp balsamic vinegar - I used the creme, so it's a little thicker
2 cloves of garlic

Season the chicken legs with kosher salt and pepper, and place on the grill. Barbeque them until all sides are crispy.

Meanwhile in a blender, blend the mango, balsamic vinegar and garlic until it is smooth and creamy.

With the mango sauce, baste the chicken for the last couple of minutes. The sauce will crisp up slightly and coat the chicken and give it a huge burst of flavour.

And that's it. The chicken should be moist and have a sweet and tangy coating.

Note: If you don't have a BBQ - no problem. You can cook the chicken in the oven and when it is crispy - you can start to baste the legs with the sauce. Still as delicious.

Alrighty it's time to GO!!! Dog walk. A trip to the Root Cellar. A trip to Dulce's to get my doo done and then home for some R&R on the deck.

I hope you have a great Sunday!!!



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Hi Hon,
Glad to see you are back on line, miss your daily proses,missyou.