Monday, July 11, 2011

I'm back...

I have been here, there and everywhere.

My last blog post was May 22nd. May 22nd!!! That was quite some time ago.

I know that I don't really need to apologize for not writing - b/c I am sure that most people didn't really know that I was gone - but for those that do check in from time to time - sorry that I have been away. My here, there and everywhere isn't really all that exciting - but I will fill you in.

Here: Shortly after the 22nd, I had some weird eye develop. Over the weekend my vision wasn't great. When I got to work on Monday I wasn't able to read my monitor at all. It was a bit freaky. I went to the doc and then the Eye Doc the next day who sent me to a Specialist. It turns out my eyeballs were in flamed - both the front and back. Because they were inflamed it caused the wall (or whatever it's called) behind the pupil sticky so the pupils couldn't dilate. It was neat. During this time I had to watch the Canucks lose :( - well not really watch - but figure out what end of the rink each team was on and then listen to the crowd cheer when the Canucks scored. After the eyes cleared up - the Bells Palsy came back. What the hell??? That only lasted for a couple of days, thankfully.
So after missing 3 weeks, I feel fantastic. I feel fully recovered. I feel that for whatever reason, I was given all this stuff to have to deal with - and I did. I wish that maybe someone could figure out what caused it - but in the end - I won. I will just keep getting stronger, keep working hard at taking care of myself.

There: We had our annual family reunion the last weekend of June over at Point Roberts. It was an awesome weekend. There were 8 kids, 12 adults, 3 dogs, 1 pirate scavenger hunt, 1 horseshoe tournament and so much fun. We do this every year and this was our 4th year. We all pitch in for dinners. This year was super relaxing, the weather was great and I loved every minute of hanging with my family.
After the crew left, Chris and I spent an couple of extra days there and napped. Seriously, I had like 3 naps a day. I couldn't stop. There was something wrong with me I think - but then Chris reminded me that it's good to relax as we all need it. Point Roberts is a little bit of heaven - we are so lucky to have it in our lives.

Everywhere: That's right, everywhere. Well, not really everywhere. But almost. I went up to Kitimat for Jocelyn's birthday. She shares her birthday with Canada Day. Her husband, Manny, set up a big surprise for her, and we myself and her friends Nina and Andrea, came up for the weekend to celebrate with her. I haven't been up to Kitimat since Jocelyn and Manny were married, 6 years ago this August. It was a nice visit - it was good to see some old friends. It makes me sad too a bit. That was my hometown. It was a great place to be raised. The town is different, it's smaller. It reminds me though so much of good friends, being safe and home.

So, being here, there and everywhere - has been a bit of a lame and then a great start to the summer.

During the 'eye issue' I didn't cook. We ate a lot of salad, sandwiches and whatever was in the freezer. It took me awhile to actually feel like cooking. It's been odd. I just have had no desire to come up with new recipes, try new things and make something with different ingredients. Over the past couple of weeks, that's changed a bit. I think that it's because it's BBQ season which means new and exciting flavours and sitting out on the deck while dinner is cooking.

I cooked a few new things this weekend, but I didn't take pictures - I am out of routine - so I am going to make them again, take pics, and post to share.

Anyways, that's it for me for now. I will be more regular (with my blog) and keep in touch with my friends.

I hope that you are all well, healthy and are enjoying summer.



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Steph said...

Thank goodness you are back. I was starting to freak out.
I will also try to me more regular... Yes, like that. :)