Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Stand Tall.
Stand by me.
Stand by your man.
Stand strong.
Stand up for what you believe in.
Stand in the place that you are.
Stand alone.

When I first started my workout journey, I remember Tanya always telling me to standup tall. She said that in no time that I would be standing tall and not even really knowing it. At the time she was saying this, I was probably trying to breathe and not fall over - rather than standing tall. At the time I didn't think that it would relate to me.

I was thinking about how I carry myself the other day, and I think that much more conscience of it. I still find myself hunched over but when I catch myself I try to correct it right away.

When I was running at the gym last, I was struggling to meet my 25 minute goal, and I just kept telling myself to stand strong, stand tall and the weird thing, is that it worked. It actually gave me a strength that I didn't really know I had. It was a great feeling to take in a deep breath, relax my shoulders, focus on my core and be tall.

I am not really sure where this blog post is coming from, but I think that anyone who stands up, stands strong, stands tall will have confidence that will only give confidence.

I don't have a recipe tonight, per se, but I made a salad that I am excited to share.

I did a combo of roasted vegetables, raw vegetables, cheese and meat. It took no time to prepare, it was super satisfying and I hope that I can stop picking at it before Chris gets home so it's not all eaten.

I used:

2 chicken breasts - boneless/skinless - grilled with kosher salt and pepper
1 red, yellow and orange pepper - sliced in half and grilled on the barbeque skin side down
8 petit pan squash - sliced in half and grilled cut side down
1 cup of shelled edamame - in hot water for a couple of minutes
Cherry tomatoes - sliced in half
1/3 cup of goat cheese - crumbled

Dressing: a very small drizzle of olive oil, white wine vinegar and creamy balsamic vinegar. I like to very lightly dress my salads b/c I think that it helps keep the flavours of the vegetables and doesn't drown them.

I mixed it all together - sliced the chicken breasts and added on top - and voila. Delicious salad.
Oh those little edamame - I heart them.
Alright friends - I am going to sneak a few more edamame before the husband is home.

Have a great night.

Stand strong. Stand tall.



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Anonymous said...

That salad looks delicious Chers, you can make it for me anytime
Mom, standing tall