Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Well I am back home. Back into the swing of things. Back to life, my life. I don't really like the term 'back to reality'. I just question 'what is reality'? Because at one point in your life, life could be fantastic, 'normal', moving along so smoothly and then next thing, SLAM!!!, life will change. Just like that. I guess that is kind of 'reality'. Maybe for me, I just don't like the possibilities of what reality means. Sigh. It just really means that things can change so quickly, without notice, without warning, for both the good and the bad.

I had a great time away. It is always so relaxing over there. And although I kept myself super busy, I do feel relaxed and rejuvenated. I went on a 5 Km run on Sunday morning on my own. And, I almost ran the entire way. I had to walk half way up a hill, and then again on a straight stretch when my thighs were telling me to take a break - both walks were probably just over a minute combined. I started the run off with a quick walk, probably .5K and then ran the rest. I was super excited when I got home - and felt that I had a surplus of energy for the entire day. That same afternoon I went kayaking. Loved it! When I first got on the water it was a little rough, and I thought that I was going to bail for sure. I thought about throwing up or trying to just fall out by accident - but I stuck at it, and once the friend who had the kayaks joined me out on the water and gave me a few tips - I loved it. It's a great workout for your upper body and so incredible being out on the waves in the sun.

I did quite a bit of cooking while I was there. The chicken dish - Pesto Yogurt Chicken (which I am making tonight so hopefully I can get a snap of it), cupcakes for my nephew's birthday party, pita chips, burgers, pita pizzas. I am in my element when I am in the kitchen, and love to cook for the family - whether it be 6 or 16 - I love to get in my groove.

Official pita chip tester.

Pita Chips

I made these at our Christmas party this last year. I think that I served them with hummus. They were a hit. I love the flavour of them and although they are super easy to make, they are a bit time consuming as you can only do one sheet at a time. Each piece of pita, will make 16 chips. So depending on how many chips you are wanting - you can decide how many pitas to use. I used 5 pieces of pita - and for 13 for dinner - 3 of those being kids - it was definitely enough.

4 pitas
2/3 cup of butter
4 cloves of garlic - minced
Kosher salt

Using kitchen scissors, cut each pita in half. Then each piece into half again, and then half again. When they are in small pie pieces, open the pita up and you can lightly tear them apart so that they are a single layer.

In a sauce pan, melt the butter and add the garlic as it heats. Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil, and place a single layer of chips on the sheet. With a pastry or bbq brush, lightly brush the pieces of pita with the garlic butter.

Place in the oven set to broil, and broil for a couple of minutes. Keep an eye on them as depending on your oven, they can crisp up quite closely.

Remove them from the oven and sprinkle with kosher salt. Remove them from the baking sheet, and start all over. I like to have two sheets going at the same time so when one comes out, you can put the other in.

Once they are all done you can store them in a ziploc bag or a container.

The are delicious with Tzatziki. An easy dish for an appetizer for any dinner.

Alrighty - time to go and sit out and get a little sun for the afternoon. I am trying a new rice dish for dinner tonight, so I will tell you how it turns out.



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