Monday, August 22, 2011


Today, like many days, I remember how precious life is and how it is so important to love the ones you love - and tell them often.

Today I would HUG:

My nephew - b/c he swears on Facebook b/c he thinks he can and b/c he came and hung out with me tonight. Heart.
Lindsay - for helping me get my contacts back on my BB. They were lost.
Beth - she encouraged me to go to the gym by giving 'tough love' and I am so happy that she did. 4. 7 k in 30 mins.
My sister - for helping her boys with all of their sporting events.
My mom - for coming home tomorrow.
Steph - for being a caring friend and letting me give her a hard time - and she will still hug me after all the bugging.
Jess - b/c she could use a hug. And she would pass the hug on.
My brother - for believing that I can do something that I am not sure that I can.
David - for being such a good friend to my husband.
Stacy - for pocket dialing me with David's phone.
Maegan - for calling me over and over.
Magnum - for being the cutest little pup ever.
Jozie - for having the cutest shitzu snarl ever.
Tracy - for being a part of the black belt test on Friday.
Pilar - for making me laugh.
Rosalyn - for being such a good friend.
Shannon - to let her know that I will be there for her if she needs me.
Auntie Barb - for being an incredible woman.
Beside yard Barb - for dog walks.
Ingrid - for having the cutest little pup, Winston, who Joz and Magnum love.
Ogre - for not bringing home any 'wildlife' lately.
My husband - just because. I am going to ambush him when he is home and it will be the best hug that I gave and received all day.

After all the hugging that you are giving and getting, treat yourself with a Root beer Float. That's right, Root beer float. I made this for Chris a couple of weeks ago. Just vanilla ice cream, and topped with root beer. I didn't have any - but I did drink the leftover root beer. I love that sh*t.

Hugs to all of you.




Pilar said...

A huge to you too for writing inspiring stories. <3

Anonymous said...

I love that after writing an incredibly touching end it with "I love that s*#t", referencing root awesome Cherl!