Monday, August 15, 2011

Rough yesterday.

Somedays can be called a write off; a disaster; a misfortune; a whole big bummer. Rough yesterday. That was what I experienced yesterday. It was just a day that started out well and just kind of fell*. Am so thankful that I have the very best husband in the world.

*Fell: This is something that husband likes to say when he doesn't really know the answer. For example, we have some open cupboards in the kitchen, and I like them to be tidy and organized. He puts glasses and dishes anywhere when he doesn't know where they go. Yesterday there was a random glass up on the shelf with some of the big bowls. I said to him, 'why is that there?' and he said 'it fell'. Whooo - good times at the C household.

So speaking of a rough yesterday, I decided to try a batch of iced tea. I am kind of addicted to Crystal Light iced tea. I love it. I love iced tea. LOVE IT. I think that it could be worse, I could be drinking straight vodka, kool aid, canned milk (not that there is anything wrong with these). Anyways, we thought that it may be a good idea to try making our own tea. I had some peach mango tea, that I thought would be very tasty cold.

Before you continue reading, please don't judge me. Promise? If you promise - please continue reading.

In a medium sized saucepan I boiled 8 cups of water. I added the tea bags to a beautiful glass pitcher that my friend Jocelyn gave me for my birthday many years ago. I then started to poor the boiled water in the glass pitcher. DON'T JUDGE ME. Crack!!! Water and glass everywhere. This was the first time that husband had to come in to save the day. Water was everywhere. We cleaned that up an I decided to start over.

The oven mitts were soaked in the mess, so I thought that I would put them on top of the element so that the heat from the oven would dry them off. FLAMES!! DON'T JUDGE ME. I turned the wrong element on - and the mitts were in flames. 2nd time husband had to come in and save the day.

In the end, the water boiled. I let the 4 tea bags seep in the water as it cooled off. I don't like tea too strong, so I took them out about 30 minutes later. I then whisked in a tbsp of cane sugar just to take a little of the bitternes off. I let it cool completely and put it into a glass bottle and let it cool completely in the fridge.

It was delicious. Served with lots of ice and a wedge of lemon - so good.

So, that is my story. There are times when things in the kitchen don't go so smoothly. I am grateful for the help of my husband - and how he will come running when I hit the 'panic button'. I know that this is nothing in comparison to so many sad, bad things that happen to people who only deserve the best, but this with 'life' just seemed to happen without warning. Sigh.




Beth said...

ahahahaha oh my friend, I feel so bad for laughing, but it really does go that way sometimes. But I'm very sorry about the damage, especially your beautiful pitcher. That's such a shame. The only funny part is imagining someone coming into your kitchen, full of fire, smoke and broken glass and flooded with hot water, and going "oh my god, what happened?!?" and you saying "I was making iced tea."

a tip - if you need to pour hot liquid into cool glass (or cold liquid into hot glass, like from the dishwasher), put metal spoons into the glass container first then pour the liquid over. Something about the metal conducting the temperature. I'm not sure about the "science" (what am I, a wizard??), but it's always worked for me.

C. Mitchell said...

Thanks for the tip Beth!!! I am going to try that for sure. I will try not to have a repeat when you come for dins tomorrow.