Thursday, September 1, 2011


When Rosalyn gives you lemons - you make lemon ice cubes. What the what???

That's right, lemon cubes.

My friend, Rosalyn, aka Cake Decorator Extrodanaire, gave me a lot of lemons. I mean A LOT. Like probably 30 or something. Her brother was married and they used lemons for their center pieces - I love that. So, they had a lot of lemons to use up - and she generously shared some with me.

I love lemons. I love the sweet bitterness of them. I love their bright yellow that always brightens my kitchen. I love how they make water taste so satisfying. And I love their zest - I love how it gives so much flavour.

I didn't want these gems to go to waste, even though I had used so many of them, so instead of making lemonade, I made lemon cubes of ice and now I will have 'almost' fresh lemon juice whenever I need it.

I simply used my little lemon juicer, added all the juice to a measuring cup, them carefully filled up ice cube trays. Once frozen, I added them to a ziploc bag where they will stay nice and cold, and ready whenever I need to used them. Yumma.

Well, we are just home from our trip to see family and attend Chris' niece's wedding. We had a great visit. The time change has done me in a little tonight, so I am heading to they hay very quickly.

I hope you have all had a great week.



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Anonymous said...

What an awesome idea!!