Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Challenge Accepted.


So the pumpkin pie milkshakes were a hit - and a few people told me that Dairy Queen is doing a pumpkin pie blizzard. Challenge accepted! Not sure if you've ever watched 'How I Met Your Mother' - Barney always says 'challenge accepted'.

Anyways - with leftover pumpkin pie, ice cream and a hand blender, I made it.

Pumpkin Pie Snow Storm

Get it? Snow storm can also mean Blizzard. Wooooo.

3 cups of ice cream
3 pieces of pumpkin pie - not huge ones
1/4 cup of milk

Blend ice cream and milk in either a blender or with hand held blender. Chop two of the pieces of pie. Add the pumpkin pie and blend. Then add the another piece of the pumpkin pie that has been chopped and mix with a spoon.


It's good. I am trying to be ladylike and not gorge on this stuff - so I just had a taste. There is enough for the husband to have a couple of these treats.

Blending the ice cream reminded me of a time that my brother and I were visiting my grandparents in Vancouver. It was late one night - probably around 9 - I was probably 10 my brother 13 and we wanted to make malts. We got out the ice cream and the hand mixer. We filled a bowl with ice cream and my brother turned the hand mixer on. He then pulled the hand mixer out of the bowl and whipped ice cream around the entire kitchen.

He spazzed at me - not sure why. Then freaked out and told me to clean it up. I was laughing so hard that I'm sure I had to run to the loo. Thankfully my grandma was hard of hearing so she couldn't hear the havoc happening in the kitchen.

Oh my ice cream is my favourite. Oh how I wish that it was as good for you as broccoli.



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Steph said...

Did you turn the glass upside down to see if the ice cream stayed put, like they do with the blizzards at DQ?

I feel like your's may have slid out. Can you try when I am around? I feel like it would be funny to watch.