Saturday, October 1, 2011

Dinner cruise

Last week I had the most amazing opportunity to do what I love to do most - cook. And not just 'cook', cook on a sail boat. It was a night of firsts for me. First time on a sail boat. First time being on a boat other than BC Ferries around Victoria. First time cooking for a dinner party that wasn't my dinner party per se.

The sail of Valerie Mae

How did this come about? Thanks for asking.

My friend/co-worker has a beautiful sail boat and he offered a night out on his boat with dinner to raise money for a charity that a team from work were raising money for - Power To Be. He asked if I would be interested in doing the dinner - and I was honoured. After I felt honoured he asked me, I had a moment of panic b/c I would be cooking for people other than my close friends and family.

Thankfully I knew who I was cooking for - as I have worked with the 6 lovely ladies for quite a few years. We had a crew of 4 - John the Captain, Treb the Captain's deck hand, Tracy - the photographer and myself - the cook.

I want to share the night with you with some incredible photos that were taken by my lovely friend, Tracy - Tracy Risinger Photography.Tracy took all of these incredible photos and she was my help - a huge help.

The Empress

John and Bert took us out around the Victoria Harbour. We saw the sunset over glass like water and we saw the beautiful lights of downtown Victoria.

The Parliament Buildings

I made dishes that I am comfortable making and that have been a tasted and liked before. I had a small galley to work in - and it was just perfect. The boat was loaded with everything - stove, oven, sinks, fridge, freezer. Just awesome. We served the dinner on deck so the guests could enjoy the scenery and fresh air.

On the menu:

Salumi board - meats, cheeses, olives, tapenade, baguettes
Fig and Goat Cheese pizza with pesto

Heirloom tomato and soft mozzarella stacks with fresh basil and balsamic

Linguine in a white wine cream sauce, with artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes, chicken, mushrooms, parmesan and fresh basil

Baked fruit with lemon mascarpone
Blondie brownie with sweet cream, ice cream and chocolate sauce

Salumi board - baguette from Fol Epi

Fresh figs - just like candy

Fresh basil from my garden - I was so happy to share it

Fresh local Heirloom tomatoes with soft mozzarella - oh my

'Low fat' pasta

Okanagan nectarines - oh how I love to share these

A light sprinkling of cane sugar

I was so excited for everyone involved in this night. Excited for John for being able to take out a bunch of friends on his amazing boat - and show them such a magical night. Bert for being such a great help for John and being able to 'drive' (is that the right word) such an incredible vessel. The ladies - we all tried to treat them like royalty. They were able to spend some good quality time together in a beautiful setting. Tracy who got to do what she loves most - take pictures. She was in her element, and took the most perfect photos - and thanks to her it will be a night that we will surely never forget.

High-fiving with the captain

And for me. I can't explain how perfect of a night it was. I got to do what I love most, for people I adore, hang out with my besty, and love every minute of it. I always stress that what I make won't be 'up to snuff' but I think that everyone was pleased with what they ate, and to me that meant everything.

Until next time... oh I hope that there will be a next time.




Wendy Mc. said...

So yummy looking C, nice work! I think catering is calling to you :-)

C. Mitchell said...

Thanks Wendy!