Monday, October 31, 2011




Happy Halloween!


I have to share these Halloween pictures of years ago. Many, many years ago. A couple of years in a row, my dad and I would dress up - in some of my mom's things - and trick or treat at the Sherstan's. We would laugh so much - and we were so ridiculous - but we had so much fun. Looking back at these pictures, I not only know that I am so blessed to have the actual photos, but to have the memories too. I was very fortunate to just be able to have a lot of fun with my dad.

I am anticipating the trick or treaters to start arriving shortly. The pumpkins have been carved, orange lights have been hung, pumpkin seeds roasted, pasta dinner simmering on the stove and trying to keep the pups calm with the loud fireworks in the distance.

I have been laying low this weekend. :( I have shingles. Gah!!! Shingles! I thought only older people got shingles. Not the case. So, they are unpleasant. If you have never had them, I wish that you never do. Not only is the area on your skin extremely painful, but the nerve pain. Oh my. It's excruciating and so hard to describe. Oh well. Bring it - I am eager to know what I will get next. :) Actually - this is it. I can feel it.


My friend, Jocelyn, was down just around Thanksgiving and she brought me some of their smoked salmon. I love smoked salmon - and hers was so delicious. Joc and I were roommates during college. I am not sure if she remembers, but one of our 'appetizers' that we used to make up from time to time, were crackers with cream cheese and smoked salmon. With this smoked salmon, I had to make these for us to snack on. They are easy - try them - just don't miss a step.

Cream cheese
Smoked salmon

Place some cream cheese - herb or plain - on a cracker. Then crumble some smoked salmon on top.


The smoked salmon was so moist and so sweet. Yumma. I served these with sliced apple as well - and it was a great snack.

A Geisha, a fairy and two others just came to the door. The trick or treating has started.

Happy Halloween.



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