Friday, December 30, 2011

My favourites.

Well hello!
Merry Christmas - Happy New Year (early)!!!

So, how was it? How was your Christmas? I hope that it was relaxing, full of indulgence, full of great food and drink, celebrated with family and friends - I hope that it was all that you hoped for and all that you deserve.

Christmas was delightful around Sims. We celebrated with family and friends, we ate, we opened prezzies, we were spoiled, we played, we laughed, we relaxed and we enjoyed it all.

For New Year's we are going for dinner with friends, and will hopefully be home by 10. Ha! I can't stay up much past 10. I hope to spend some time on New Year's Day and reflect on the year - and how I can make 2012 a good year - have a plan.

I read a blog pretty regularly - I love the pictures and I love her recipes. Ok, I don't really 'read' the blog as much as I like to goo over her pictures and recipes. I do read it though - I just sometimes scan. I am a bit of a 'scanner'. Please don't think that I wrote 'scammer'. I am not a 'scammer'. Anyways - you can check out Kate's blog HERE. She was also a wonderful help for me to help me figure out how to get bigger pictures on my blog. Anyways, the reason why I am talking about her - is because I love her most recent blog post - she listed her favourite recipes of 2011 and I am going to copy her. I think that it is such a great idea - and I love looking back at what I made through the year. I forget sometimes.

I have consulted Chris and have included his favourites too.

Favourite Breakfast - Skillet Pancake with Fresh Fruit (we had this for Christmas morning breakfast this year with blueberries and peaches)

Favourite Beverage - Smoothy Sims Style (blueberry) Chris' fave AND...


Favourite Appetizer - Pita Chips and Hummus (I realized that I need to come up a lot more appy recipes)

Favourite Meat Dish - Rustic Pork and Beans

Favourite Veggie Dish - Butternut Squash Gratin

Favourite Salad - Tomato, Basil, Mozzarella Stacked Salad (I love this not only because it's so delicious, but I think that they are a thing of beauty)

Favourite Dessert - Fruit Cobbler (with blueberries and peaches)

Favourite Bread - Zucchini Bread (thanks to the Devlin's I still have so much frozen zucchini still that can be used)

Favourite Salsa - Peach Salsa - it's really the only salsa I made this year, but oh how I love that stuff!!!


Well now that I am completely hungry - I need to go and raid the fridge.

I wish you all a very happy HAPPY new year's eve - and I can't wait for us all to start out 2012 with so much health and happiness. Thank you for reading my little blog.



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