Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Breakfast for dinner


The other day at work, I was talking to some friends about having breakfast for dinner. They both love it. They aren't alone. I know a lot of people that love breakfast for dinner. I am not one of them. For some reason, it's just not my favourite. I really have no reason why. No clue.

I do like breakfast - but if I had to go out for a meal, that would probably be my 4th choice. Yes, 4th! First would be dinner. Second, lunch. Third, dessert. And then dinner. Is dessert a meal you ask? Yes.

I remember when we were kids, my mom would make breakfast for dinner every once and awhile. Mostly it was pancakes. Sometimes french toast. And some times corn fritters. I never liked it. I feel bad now, because I know that I gave her a bad time for it. How rude of me. No doubt she wanted a night of pancakes - 3 kids, 7 nights a week... you get the drift.

Anyways, I was thinking of breakfast for dinner, because I have before sort of made breakfast for dinner - Baked Eggs. I love this dish - it's easy, super tasty, and what I like to call a 'One Pot Wonder'. So I gave Chris the option of a Subway sandwich or baked eggs for dinner last night. He chose baked eggs. I guess he didn't take the hint of not wanting to cook. I wanted to try baked eggs with egg whites that I had in the fridge. I decided to create a breakfast sandwich - Sims Style.


Guess what this is?


Did you say pesto?

Did you say Kale pesto?

If you did then you are right! Kale Pesto!!! Who knew? I am a big fan of this - and can't wait to try it in different recipes.

Kale Pesto

1 bunch of fresh kale - chopped
1 large clove of garlic
1 tbsp of olive oil
1/3 cup freshly grated parmesan cheese
6-8 large walnut pieces

Steam the kale until it is soft - about 8 minutes. Set aside and let it cool. I actually did my kale 3 days before I made the pesto. I kept it in an air tight container in the fridge - and it was perfect.
Squeeze all of the water out of the kale and add it to the food processor. Chop it until the pieces are completely ground. Add the walnuts, the garlic, olive oil and puree. Then add in the cheese. If it seems a bit dry, you can add a bit more olive oil or even a bit of lemon juice.

Baked egg whites, kale pesto and a whole wheat biscuit

Whole wheat biscuit - check for the recipe HERE - I used all whole wheat flour, added 1/2 cup of freshly grated parmesan and did not include any sugar

1 bell pepper - chopped into very small pieces
8 mushrooms - thinly sliced
1/2 tsp of chili flakes
4 pieces of bacon - baked in the oven at 425 for about 10 minutes
1 cup of egg whites - from the carton (Costco has them so cheap)


Pre-heat the oven to 375.
*This recipe will make enough for 6 large muffin cups

In a skillet and a small drop of olive oil, saute the peppers and mushrooms. Add in the chili flakes and saute for about 7-8 minutes.


Using muffin tins, spray with cooking spray. Add in the peppers and mushrooms, evenly into the bottom of each muffin cup. Add in the chopped bacon. Then cover the veggies and bacon with the egg whites. Fill each tin about 2/3 of the way up.

Place in the oven and bake for 18 minutes.


Cut each bun in half and top with the Kale Pesto. Remove the eggs from the tins and place one egg on each bun.


And that's it. Not only is this a satisfying dinner any night of the week, it would also be a delicious breakfast or brunch.

Alrighty friendy froos. Happy eating.



Sunday, February 19, 2012


Yesterday I got my butt kicked. When I say 'I got my butt kicked' I don't mean that someone actually came and kicked by butt. If someone did do that - I would be so mad. Saying that it reminds me of the time that I was standing at the top of our stairs in our entrance way when I was a kid - and my brother was coming up the stairs and trying to grab my ankles to pull me down the stairs. We were fighting about something. Probably something like me saying I was going to tell his friends that I saw him looking in the lingerie section of the Sears catalog. Or maybe that I came into his room without asking. Or perhaps that I wouldn't be his goalie in a game of street hockey.
Ok - so he was coming up the stairs and trying to pull my ankles - and I wound up and kicked him in his private parts.
I had a pretty good kick b/c of my figure skating.
My brother buckled down in pain - screamed - probably threatened to hurt me - I ran, fast, and hid in my room. My mom came in and had to tell me that I can never kick a boy in that 'area'. She didn't get into details of why I shouldn't - but I never kicked a boy there again. I know - such a good girl.
Anyways - so that little story reminded me of me getting my butt kicked yesterday. I made the trek to workout with Tanya - aka El Diablo. I call her that in a loving way. I heart her so much. She is not only so positive, fun and encouraging - but she makes me workout - push myself.

It's been far too long since I have had a good workout. I thought that I had a stomach ache later in the day - and then I remembered that I used ab muscles that I haven't used in months and months.

Today I am a little sore. I feel muscles that I know won't be sore in a couple of weeks. I know that I need to get my cardio up - and start a weekly workout regime. I know that I will start running again and I will love it all.

I have to remember how much I love the feeling after a good workout - and how much I love to be lighter, healthier and have more energy.

Alright enough about kicking and my brother crying. I wonder if he'll read this. I wonder if he will more upset that I said that he was looking at the lingerie section of the Sears catalog or that I refused to play goalie that day.

Friday night I whipped up a batch of raviolis with wonton wrappers.

Sorry, I lied. I didn't 'whip' up a batch. I did make a batch, however, 'whipping' them up is an exaggeration - they took quite some time.

If you want to try this recipe - before you read on - be prepared that they will take you some time. They are very worth it though.



1 pd of lean ground turkey
3 cups of sliced mushrooms
2 cloves of garlic
1/2 cup Goat cheese (optional)*
1 tbsp oregano
Kosher salt and pepper
1 tsp red pepper flakes
1/2 cup fresh parmesan cheese (optional)*
1 pkg of wonton wrappers

*I made two different fillings - both with ground turkey and mushrooms - but for half I used goat cheese and oregano, and for the other I added parmesan cheese with red pepper flakes. You could add all of the ingredients together - and it too would be delicious.

Tip: Before you get started - have everything organized b/c it will all happen so fast - so it's good to have it all prepped and ready to go.

Pre-heat oven to 350.

In a large skillet add a drop of olive oil and add the ground turkey. Add a pinch of kosher salt and pepper and let saute for about 6 minutes. Add in the thinly sliced mushrooms and the garlic. Continue to cook so that the meat is cooked through and the mushrooms are nice and tender. Remove the meat from the pan and into a bowl. You can choose what you want to use for the filling - all of it or just the goat cheese, etc. Mix all the cheese in, so that it all nice and mixed together.

Line a baking sheet with parchment paper - you will use this to place the raviolis on while you are making them all.

Fill a cup, measuring cup or whatever works, and have a pastry brush on hand.

Place one wonton wrapper on cutting board - or flat surface - and with a brush gently brush the edges of the wonton wrapper with water. Then add 1 tbsp of the ravioli filling. Bring one corner to the corner across (making a triangle) and use your fingers to pinch the edges together. You can also use two wrappers per ravioli - and put one on top of the other.

You should have enough filling to do about 30 (or more) raviolis. Once you have finished the wontons, bring a pot of water to boil. Boil about 5-6 at a time. Boil for about 3 minutes. Remove from the pot - and place them on a lined baking sheet - and heat until all of the raviolis have boiled in the water.

Remove from the oven and top with tomato sauce and freshly grated parmesan.


I really liked these - and will make them again - but Chris really loved them. They were a lot of work - but they were a nice treat.

Enjoy your Sunday night - the week is just about to start again.



Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Things I Love

I read Pioneer Woman's blog today - and I loved one of her posts. She just wrote the things that she loved. I'm stealing that idea. I don't think that she will mind. She may - but hopefully she won't.

Things I love.

When the house is nice and warm on a cold night

Hearing my baby niece call me 'AaAa'

London Fog's from Starbucks - made just the way I like it - non-fat, sugar free, extra hot

When my husband wears his 'cozy clothes' (aka pj bottoms) b/c it means he's home for good for the night

A clean house

A dry dog walk on a cool day


Goat cheese

Bruce Springsteen

How my nephew looks like my dad when he was young

Coke Zero


My deck in the summer

My beside yard neighbour - Beside Yard Barb


Our annual family reunions

G & T's


Blood oranges

Invincible with Mark Wahlberg

The Walking Dead (the show)

My Canon Rebel

My mom

Ice cream

My trainer/friend Tanya


My wedding



My dogs

Sunday mornings

Wooden utensils

Sunshine through the window

The Office



New shoes

Painted toes



Top Chef

Dirty Laundry wine


Turtleneck sweaters

Hot chocolate with marshmallows


Homemade pizza



The ocean

Serving dishes

Cloth napkins

Whipped cream

Laughing out loud

Of course - these are in no specific order.

Alright - enough about my loves. I am going to share a new soup recipe that I love. It's a good'n. It's deelish and it's good for you. Who knew?


Roasted Cauliflower and Garlic White bean soup with Rosemary

1 cauliflower
2 cloves of garlic
1 can of white kidney beans
Fresh rosemary - 2-3 sprigs
4 cups of stock (I used chicken)
1 cup of water
Olive oil
1 medium onion - chopped
Kosher salt and pepper

Pre-heat the oven to 425.

Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Cut the cauliflower into small bunches. Either drizzle with a small amount of olive oil, or spritz with oil. Season with kosher salt and pepper. For the garlic, place the cloves in aluminum foil, drizzle with olive oil and add a pinch of kosher salt and pepper - wrap it in the foil and place on the cookie sheet with the cauliflower.

Roast the garlic for about 20 minutes and continue to roast the cauliflower for another 5-10 minutes.

Rinse the beans thoroughly. In a food processor, grind the rosemary with the garlic. Add in the white beans and 1/4 cup of the stock*.


In a large pot. saute the onion in a tbsp of olive oil and a pinch of kosher salt. Saute for about 10 minutes until the onions are translucent. Add in 1/2 cup of the stock to deglaze the pan slightly. Add in the white bean mixture and stir it into the stock. Add in the remainder stock, water and the roasted cauliflower.

Let the cauliflower simmer for about 15 minutes. Using a hand blender, or a blender, puree the cauliflower.

And that's it.

*Stock - I have found a new favourite stock - Kitchen Basics. I really love this stock. I love the vegetable and the no salt added chicken. They are so flavourful and to me taste almost like homemade. I have found these at Safeway. I would highly recommend trying these when you are needing stock.


Alrighty friends. I hope that you had a blissful Valentine's Day.



Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Time to put on my stepping shoes

One step forward and two steps back.
That's sort of how I'm feeling these days. I was doing so well with working out and taking care of myself - eating well, exercising and just all around trying to be healthy. Then I got sick, and exhausted, and just started to go downhill. I had to take a bit of time off work and just tried to get well. In the process, I didn't workout and just got away from focusing on myself and taking care.

Alas - one step forward, two steps back.

Now although this is bad news, I have a bit of faith and think that I can get back to where I was. The weird thing is, is that when I was working out, feeling great, I actually wasn't so well. And now I feel that I am on the mend - so I feel that if I could really workout and be active when I wasn't feeling all that great, that now that I am feeling better, I think that getting back to where I was shouldn't be so hard.

Wishful thinking probably. But it's good to be positive.

As of today I am trying a new way of eating. I will share more as I get a grasp of what I'm doing. It's not a diet, and it's not counting calories (I struggle with those things way too much) - it's basically just a healthy way of eating. There is one day a week that I can enjoy whatever I like - so I will be trying new recipes on that day.

I tried something new this weekend. I watched a show where they made these - so I had to give it a try. I didn't have a recipe so I had to wing it. They were a huge hit - and I will definitely make them again.


Beet Burgers Sims Style

(Yes, I said 'Beet Burgers'! I know, right. Odd? Yes. Delicious? Yes.)

4 good sized beets
1 tbsp chili powder
1 tbsp cumin
1 tbsp fennel seeds
1 tbsp spanish paprika
1 tsp kosher salt
1 tsp pepper
1 tbsp chili pepper flakes
1 bulb of garlic - whole
Juice of one lemon or orange
1/2 cup white wine
10 cups of water

Mini burger buns
Goat cheese

Lots of ingredients, I know, but so worth it.

In a large pot add all of the dry spices. Then add the water, wine, garlic, juice of lemon or orange - and then throw the peels in too. Then submerge the beets in the broth. Simmer over medium to low heat for about 45 minutes, or until the beets are able to be poked easily with a knife.

Remove the beets from the pot and let them cool. Once they are cooled, using a sharp paring knife, peel the skins off of the beets - it should come off so easily.

Slice the beets into about 1/2 inch slices.


In a skillet on the grill, lightly spray with oil, and and lightly brown on one side. Flip the burger and then place a thin strip of goat cheese to lightly melt, while the other side browns. Place the beet on the bun and top with a small bunch of watercress.

I didn't add any sauce, I think the creaminess of the goat cheese is enough. These were fun, healthy and delicious.



Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cranberries 101


When I went to university, the classes were all like 'Sociology 101' and 'Sociology of the Family 302' and 'TV and Popular Media 115'. I think that if there were cooking classes they should be the same, and I would like to teach a class about Cranberries. There are a few things that may be difficult about me teaching this, though:

- I don't really know much about cranberries
- They really remind me of the holidays - Thanksgiving and Christmas - so I would probably get really distracted by this - and I would go on a rampage about what I would want for Christmas that year, or how much I love pumpkin pie, or how much I like the snow. See!! I am already off topic.
- I would get upset if people talked during the class and I'd say things like 'If you don't stop talking you'll have to stay behind at the end of the day and do lines' and then they would probably say things like 'Bite me'.

Well obviously I am not cut out to be a teacher. Damn. I feel like I really gave it a good try. I am still going to chat about Cranberries.

Remember how I am hooked on citrus? Oh - if you didn't know - you can check it out HERE. I am loving the freshness of them and adding the fresh juice to carbonated water. It's like a special treat. So, I decided to try to do the same sort of thing with a bag of frozen cranberries I had. Fresh would be just as good, but it's not really the season.

I love it when I can make something and waste nothing - that is sort of what I did with these cranberries.


Cranberry Soda

1 bag of fresh or frozen cranberries
3/4 cup of water
Agave syrup or simple syrup
Carbonated water

Add the cranberries to a pot with the water and bring to a boil. Reduce the heat to a simmer and simmer for about 15 minutes. Remove from the heat and let cool completely.


With a mesh strainer, strain the juice into a bowl. You should be able to get about 1 1/2 cups of cranberry juice. You can store the juice into a mason jar, and you can set the cranberries aside, and put them into a jar as well. Store them and be ready for Cranberries 102.

In a large glass, add a 1/4 cup of the cranberry syrup. Then add 1 tbsp of agave syrup and mix well. Fill the glass with lots of ice and then top it all off with some carbonated water. If you like it a bit sweeter, you can more agave or even use gingerale instead of the carbonated water. My next attempt at this, I will be simmering the cranberries with some shredded ginger. So it will be just like cranberry gingerale. Holla!!!

It is tart, refreshing and a nice and different treat. I think that adding gin or vodka would make it a great libation.


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Alright - stay tuned for Cranberries 102.