Sunday, March 25, 2012

ELLO London.

Happy Sunday.
It's a gorgeous one here this morning. Just lovely. Bright, blue sky. Crisp and cool. My most favourite day.
We were at my friend, Maegan's, birthday last night. The theme - Golf Pro or Tennis Ho - so fun. We weren't in costume - we're boring. It was a good time - very entertaining.
On the menu for today - a dog walk, cleaning the kitchen, shopping with my mom for some clothes for her upcoming cruise, dinner with friends.
I am not sure what is happening - but we cannot keep the kitchen clean. I swear - it's clean one minute - and the next minute it looks like Tornado Sally has whipped through. Who is Sally anyways? It's more like C & C - whipping through. Ugh! Oh well - a clean kitchen is so much better than a dirty one.

After the day is done - I am going to treat myself to one of these. Do you know what it is? Guess!


'ELLO is that London?'
That's my friend Tracy's English accent. It's so good.

I always order these at Starbucks. This exact way!

Grande - non-fat - sugar free - London Fog - extra hot.

London Fog - is a mix between earl grey tea and steamed milk. I was at a party once and I met the wife of one of Chris' friend who he used to do Kung Fu with. She was a police officer and told me that she didn't eat donuts and hang out in donut shops - but she would frequent Starbucks for London Fogs. The first time I had one, I was hooked. And then I had more, and more.

So this is my take on making them.

London Fog


1 cup of earl grey tea - any type will do - but if you can get your hands on some David's Tea - Cream of Earl Grey - do it! It's the most amazing tea.
1 cup of low fat milk - you don't have to use low fat
1 tsp vanilla
1/2 tsp of something sweet - I use Agave syrup - but you could use honey, or sugar


Make your tea. Add in your sweet - and stir so it is all blended together. Easy.
Steam your milk, adding the vanilla. Heat it over low heat - being careful not to scorch it. When the milk is heated - to hot - it's time to froth it. I have one of THESE.


Pour the tea in to the cup. Top it up with the steamed milk. And then top with the milk foam.

And that's it. It's creamy, deelish.

Alright - off to start the day.



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Tracy Risinger said...

ELLO, it's LONDON calling!!! cheryl, it's Tracy. it's not really London, you just THINK it's London because of my amazing accent. fooled you. ;)