Saturday, March 10, 2012



pommelo . pomelo. pummelo

Hello lovely.
Hello precious delight from the fruit angels.

Oh, how I love thee. Although we just met, I feel that we are destined to be together and love one another.

Sorry. That was a bit weird.

I saw this beautiful fruit in the grocery store the other day, and I am responsible for the following events that took place:

I saw it from across the produce section and thought I would just check it out.
I picked it up and was surprised at how heavy it was.
I then smelled it.
I then fell in love.
I then smelled it again.
I then smelled it again and sighed. Out loud.
I then put it in my shopping cart.
I took it home with my other groceries.
Smelled it again.
Then thought about cutting into it and trying it.
Then I let it sit for a couple of days b/c I really wanted to enjoy it.
I then put it in the fridge for a day.
I then photographed it.
I then cut into and fell in love.


Oh probably.

I love trying new things. Love it! I loved this fruit for a couple of reasons:


1. The scent. It is incredible to me. Refreshing. If I could bottle that up and smell it every 5 seconds I would.
2. The taste. It is sweet and a little tart all at the same time. Similar to grapefruit - but I don't love grapefruit like I like this.
3. The texture. It's substantial. It's hearty. It's meaty. It's full of fibre.

It was a bit of work getting a good piece to munch on - but well worth it. I just pulled off the peel - which trust me I will be seeing if I can use the zest from that the next time I pick up one of those - and then removed the layer around the good stuff - and voila.

I found this video on YouTube - check it out if you are thinking of picking one up and want to see how to peel it. Check out it HERE.

Alright - try it - and let me know if you like it. Or if you had it before and love it and haven't told me about it - shame on you. Just kidding! Shame on me.



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