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I like spicy. I don't like it all the time, but I am learning to love it just a little more and more. I really like jalapenos. I like the freshness that they add to a salsa, citrus or when added to a recipe with coconut milk. When I took a cooking course at The French Mint - the instructor said that the the 'hot spot' of the pepper is the 'pith' - the whiteish soft tissue-like in the inside. I always thought it was the seeds. Now, when I do add a jalapeno to anything I usually use my mini food processor to chop it all up - but I first take out the pith and then add a bit in if I want it to be spicier.

Jalapeno. Oh - when you say this word - don't pronounce the 'J'. Pretend that the 'J' is a 'H'.

My other new 'like' are Chipotle peppers. I quite enjoy them. I enjoy the smokey taste of them. I have had them in dishes in restaurants, but haven't cooked with them before. Last week for our Appy Party - I picked up a can to add to the soft chicken tacos that I made. There is a wonderful little Mexican Grocery downtown - which is where I also picked up the delicious corn tortillas. The sweetest lady, who worked there, told me to only use one chipotle pepper at at time - open the can - put it into something to store in the fridge, but only use one. I took her advice. Except for last night's appy.

Sorry - did you just say 'rebel'? I thought you did. Oh ya - that's how I roll.


Chipotle Chicken Wings

1 dozen chicken wings
2 chipotle peppers
3 cloves of garlic
1 tbsp of the chipotle pepper sauce (from the can)
Juice of one lime
2 tbsp of ketchup
Kosher salt

Pre-heat the oven to 400.

Line a baking sheet or dish with aluminum foil - then place a baking rack (that can go in the oven) on top of the foil. This way when the chicken cooks the fat drips off making the chicken nice and lean. Season the wings with a pinch of kosher salt and pepper.

Bake for 35 minutes - until lightly crispy.

Meanwhile, in a food processor, chop the garlic. Add the juice of the lime and a pinch of kosher salt, and blend again. Add in the chipotle peppers and the sauce and give it another chop so that the peppers have broke down. Add in the ketchup and give it one last pulse.

Pour the chipotle sauce into a bowl and then toss the cooked wings in this. Place them back on the baking rack and cook for another 15 minutes. (I just brushed my wings with sauce, but will definitely toss them in a bowl next time)


And that's it. They're ready to serve. The chicken is crispy, full of flavour and deelish. These will definitely make an appearance again, soon I think. I have one more pepper left.

Alright - we are sitting in for the day. Part of me is feeling a bit guilty because it is so lovely outside - but it's been a long week - we were up early for a dog walk, a hard workout and lunch and ice cream in Cowichan Bay - so we're just chillin'.

I hope that you're all enjoying your Saturday.



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