Wednesday, April 11, 2012

32 minutes..

Today I went to the Gymnasium after work. More like - Gym-NASTY-um. Oh that place. Oh that treadmill is my nemesis. Today this happened during my 35 minute running career:
- I started out strong. I told myself to run with my head high and my shoulders back. I felt great.
- I didn't even notice that there was a timer, timing me.
- I walked fast and then went to a jog. 4 minute run, 1 minute walk.
- There was a woman speed walking on the treadmill beside me.
- I do this weird thing in my head. I feel that the people beside me are watching how fast I am, how long I am running for... I know that they aren't. I am sure that they have better things to do with their time. Anyways, when I 'feel' this way - I tell myself to run hard, be strong - b/c then maybe I will be some sort of inspiration to them to do better. I know - it's dumb. I just can't help it.
- 18 minutes into it - I sort of notice that there is a timer. I curse it slightly.
- 19 minutes into it - I curse myself for drinking too many beverages during the day. Water, crystal light iced tea, tea, water, Coke Zero, water.... I like to stay hydrated
- 20 minutes into it - I start to feel my butt cheeks - not as muscular as they should be.
- 22 minutes into it - I want to break the timer with my water bottle that is banging around the holder.
- 22 minutes to 28 minutes into it - I'm not really sure. I just hope that I stayed running on the treadmill - and didn't fall off and cry.
- 28 minutes into it - I finish my last run - I am panting somewhat unladylike.
- I reward myself with a 3 minute cool down and remind myself that I did it.

I try to be positive when I am at the gym - but that voice in my head - the one my brother calls the 'best salesman' - is always so apparent. Tomorrow when I am at my desk and trying to talk myself out of going to the gym I will just tell myself that I can do it, I will do it, and I am doing it.

Tonight is Game 1 for our Canucks. I like to call them 'our'. They're our boys. They have been in our Suite B almost every night. We will watch them faithfully and hope for the best.

Now - let's get to the food. Food!

We are trying to eat a lot more seafood. I love it. LOVE. C likes it. And some of it he loves. The other night at the Appy Party we went to - Vinnie made halibut bites with homemade tartar sauce - and they were DEELISH. C hasn't stopped talking about them.

The other night I made up a quick dish - almost Fast Food. I used salmon - but I think that any fish would work.


Coconut Salmon Stew

I am not really sure if this is a 'stew' - but it sort of is - and Chris named it.

1 tsp coconut oil*
1/2 pound of salmon - cut into cubes - probably about 4-5 cups
1 can of light coconut milk
Juice of one lime
1 jalapeno - finely chopped - keep the pith if you want it super spicey
3 cloves of garlic - I used my microplane - it is my new favourite way to prep garlic
1 tbsp of fresh ginger - same method as the garlic
1 red pepper - cut into thin slices
4 small bunches of baby bok choy - or one large bunch - cut into thin strips
1 cup of grape tomatoes
Fresh cilantro

*Coconut oil - this is my new favorite thing. I am using it in place of oil or butter whenever I can. It comes in a small container and is hard like cold butter.

In a large skillet, heat the coconut oil over medium heat. Add in the garlic and ginger. Saute for a couple of minutes. Add in the pepper and saute for a minute or two. Add in the coconut milk, and the lime juice. Add in the salmon, jalapeno, bok choy and let simmer. Let it simmer for about 10 minutes. Add in the tomatoes and let simmer for another 5 minutes or so. And right before you are ready to serve, add in the chopped fresh cilantro.


Serve over brown rice - and your tummy will thank you.

Alright Wednesday night fans - I hope that you are watching the game and PVR'ing 'Real Housewives of Vancouver'. What? Sorry? What? PVR'ing what?



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