Tuesday, May 1, 2012

If Mark Wahlberg comes for dinner...

If Mark Wahlberg came for dinner, I would make so much food. I would make so much drink. I would make so much mixed dance taps so that we would dance the night away. 

What? Do you think that this is weird or something? Which part? The mixed tapes? Fine - I will make a playlist for my iPod. 

Oh! You probably think that Mark Wahlberg coming to dinner is unlikely. Why? Stranger things have happened. Like for graduation from high school, I wore white satin pumps. I had Bell's Palsy, inflamed eyes and shingles all in the same year. I forgot to wear my wedding ring twice in two weeks to work. See!!! How strange is all of this??

I like to make lists - so I am just preparing a list of things that I may make when if he happens to stop by. Just staying on my toes. Of course if any of you would like to stop by - I will be prepared for you as well. 

Check out my first list HERE. Look. Trust me,  you'll be happy :)

Alright - that's it for now. If you see Mark Wahlberg looking hungry - please send him my way.



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Piliringuiliringui said...

Can I dress as Mark and be fed as him?