Sunday, July 8, 2012

Mango Salsa

Oh lovely, lovely Sunday. It's going to be a spectacular one. The kind of day that when it is over, we will all say 'Summer is finally here!'. Weird that it's into the second week of July - one of nature's summer months, and we are finally experiencing it. I may just lay low - close to home today - and soak it all in.

With summer - comes all the beautiful, fresh, deelish, incredible fruits and vegetables. I don't want to put myself into a fruit coma - or create a butter lettuce addiction - but it's hard. Will power.  But really I just love all the new produce in the grocery stores - especially when it's local. You know that it is fresh from the earth - and has only had to travel a short distance.

I am pretty excited for our wee garden this year. Lots and lots of tomatoes. LOTS. A few zucchini plants, lots of fresh basil, some thyme and then our blueberry plant. Oh sweet bluebs. They are growing everyday - and I cannot wait to pick them. I hope that I pick them and they last the 10 steps that it takes me to get inside. Really. I picture myself pulling a 'BHYB' (Behind Yard Barb) and eating all of my cherry tomatoes off my cherry tomato plants - when they were ready to be picked. I was able to pick a few - but she was able to eat almost a full plant before she made it down the stairs. Ha. That's ok - they really were that good.


When we were at our family reunion - me and Cuzzie Margo - were in charge of dinner for the Saturday night. Margo did the burgers and I did the fixin's. She suggested a mango salsa- Challenge Accepted. Now we are hooked on this. I have made it twice this week already. Seriously. And... we still have two mangoes, some cilantro, some green onions and limes - so really I will probably whip up another batch in the next few minutes. Just kidding. Maybe the next hour. Oh, just kidding again.

Before I share the recipe - please know that I have pretty much made this different every time that I have made it. I think that the last batch may have been the best - and pretty much the easiest. I have used my mini food processor. I have used the food processor and added in finally chopped ingredients which is also really nice - but sometimes you want convenience, great taste and just want it done NOW.


Mango Salsa

2 mangoes - peeled - and sliced off the pit. It doesn't need to be fancy. And then if you are like me - you can gnaw on the pit - in a ladylike way - so that you can get all of that deelish mango nectar.
1 red pepper - chopped into chunks
1/2 jalepeno - remove the pith - if you don't want it too spicy
3 green onions - cut into a few chunks
1 cup of fresh cilantro
1/4 cup pineapple juice
Juice of one lime
Pinch of kosher salt

Those are Caesars in the back - oh yum - they adore Mango Salsa too. 

In your food processor put in the green onion - chop. Add in the mangoes - chop. Then add in the red pepper and jalepeno - chop. Add in the cliantro - chop. Then add in the pineapple and lime juice with the pinch of kosher salt - blend.

And that's really it. The cilantro makes it so fresh. The sweetness from the mangoes cut some of the heat from the jalepeno - but the heat is still subtly there.


These are great to serve along side tortilla chips. They would be delicious with tortillas and wraps. And they are delicious with burgers.

Check out these recipes to have with this salsa:
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Alright - run. Enjoy your day!



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