Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Another love...


Just a quick one - just to tell you about another addiction that I sort of think that I am sort of developing.  I know. It's bad. Please don't judge me. No seriously - no judging. And trust me - this is a healthy addiction. I mean - it's similar to my blueberry, cooking magazine, chocolate, iced tea, Coke Zero (which I am happy to be kicking), oh and so many more I think. These are healthy addictions, and this is just another one to add to my list.

Are you promising not to judge?

Cloth napkins!


I know! So healthy. It's not the type of addiction where I need to have on me at all times. I don't sleep with one. I don't shower with one. I don't have one in my pocket at all times. I don't have a picture of one framed in my living room.

When I was up in Kitimat last summer for my friend, Jocelyn's, birthday - she pulled out cloth napkins for dinner. She started using them to avoid using paper napkins - helping out the environment - and I loved the idea. She bought me some for my birthday - the pretty yellow ones. And I have bought several over the year - beige (I used them the most). Green. Red ones that cuzzie Margo gave me for Christmas. Copper coloured ones that my friend Tracy gave me for a shower gift. And - when Zeller's was closing out I bought 12 crisp white ones with a matching table cloth.

IMG_3236 IMG_3234

Anyways - I love how they look with plain dishes - and can change up the table setting.

It's a great investment - well not really even an investment because you can pick them up for dirt cheap. And oh how Mother Earth will love you. All of those paper napkins staying out of the garbage.


And this is a new basket that my mom got me - I LOVE it. I lined it with a few potted plants - and have it sitting on the kitchen table.

Alright friends - time to curl up with husband and watch Jimmy Fallon.



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