Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Let me entertain you

We love to have people over for dinner, parties, happy hour, brunch, lunch, dessert... I guess that we really love to entertain. Does that sound sort of snooty? I don't mean for it to - we just really love having friends and family around us - love sharing good times with them - and cooking up a feast so that they come hungry and leave full.


This summer has been fun. We had a - H'Appy Hour - party a couple of weeks ago. The weather was perfect. We sat out in the backyard - feasted on appies - had canoe rides - and just enjoyed the afternoon and evening with great friends.


I made a bunch of appies - this one was a huge hit. Pork tenderloin - salsa verde crostinis. Chris grilled the pork tenderloin so that it was melt in your mouth. You can find the Salsa Verde recipe - HERE.

This past weekend - we had our friend Gwen over for dinner - and I pretty much made the same thing. Just roasted the tenderloin and served the salsa verde on the side.

And on the same day we had our faves - David and Stacey for brunch. Out on the deck in the sun - it was a beautiful morning.


On the menu: scrambled eggs with chives from the garden, italian turkey sausages, breads, Steph's raspberry jam and a quinoa fruit salad with vanilla yogurt.

I have been seeing a lot of recipes for quinoa as like an oatmeal for breakfast - which looks deelish - but I thought about making it as a cold breakfast.


Quinoa fruit salad with yogurt

1 1/2 cups of quinoa
3 cups of water
Shredded coconut
Vanilla yogurt

Cook the quinoa - I use my rice cooker. Add the cinnamon before cooking so that all of that flavour seeps into the quinoa. Once it is cooked - place it in a pan - to let it cool completely.

Cut up the strawberries into thin slices or quarters, cut the grapes in half.

Add the quinoa to the bowl. Top with all of the fruit and then the shredded coconut. Gently toss it all together.

When serving, serve the quinoa and fruit in small bowl and top with the vanilla yogurt.

If you prefer plain yogurt - this too would be so deelish.

Alrighty - I need to get off the Royal Canadian and do the dishes and find something to stop my sweet tooth craving. Curse you sweet tooth. I actually wish it was 'tooth' it's all of my darn teeth.



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