Sunday, August 19, 2012


We have been having summer paradise. Super, super hot. Super, super beautiful. Super, super summer. I have had the last couple of days off - and it has been so lovely. We have stayed close to home - hanging with our little pup - since she's been recovering. At first - when we were planning some time off - I was trying to think of what we could do - where we could go. And then the time came - and we have just stayed close to home - and I have loved it! It has been relaxing. Life is always so busy - so it's nice to change the pace. We have got up early (I can't sleep in), enjoyed the deck, made poached eggs, stayed in our pj's till 10, did the chores that we have put off all year, had happy hours, brunch, and just a lot of nothing. Sometimes I feel that life is short and we should be doing so much when we can - but then I think that this type of time off is good - it makes me feel refueled - so that I can go back to what I need to do.

We have been having 'happy hour' with our neighbour. She's off for the entire month of August. We pull the chairs/loungers into the shade - and just chill. But we're not chilling because it has been so hot. Whoooweee - it's been hot.

Try this one - so good - so refreshing.


Organic Raspberry Lemonade - I love this stuff
1 shot of Vodka
Carbonated water
Frozen raspberries*

*I just placed a container of raspberries in the freezer.

In a large glass - add a bunch of ice. Put in a shot of vodka. Fill the glass about 2/3 full with the raspberry lemonade. Top with the carbonated water. Then add frozen raspberries. Stir. Deelish.

The other thing that I have been sort of addicted to - every morning this week - is homemade iced tea.
I love it. If you told me a couple of years ago that I would be addicted to homemade 'unsweetened' iced tea, I would laugh in your face and tell you that it was nonsense. And now- it's just so deelish. I love making a fresh brew - first thing in the morning and then sipping at it all day. My favourites are anything with fruit, green tea, berries, citrus. So good.


Iced Tea

Loose tea - or tea bag

Fill a pot of water with a little bit more water than what you want to place the tea in - jug/bottle/pitcher. boil the water and then add in the loose tea - or the tea bags. Let it steep for a couple of minutes - or longer if you like it strong. Strain it into another heat proof container and let it cool. Please be careful if you pour the hot tea into something glass - or THIS may happen. :(


Let it cool - serve - and enjoy. I added a few frozen grapes that I put on a skewer - they help keep the tea nice and cold and they are a sweet treat at the end.

Alrighty - I need to get out and enjoy the summer day.



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