Sunday, November 4, 2012

My new program.

Wow - it's been forever since I have written. It's November - what happened to October - and pretty sure that we will be saying that in no time when it's December.

There are a couple of reasons why the absence:

1. I have started a new 'program' and I am trying to eat healthy and be fit. As a result, I am eating many of the same things over and over and over. And did I mention that I eat them over and over again?

2. I am short on time. After a day of work, dog walks, workouts, dinner, snack/lunch prep for the next day, when the day is done, I just want to sit on my Royal Canadian and watch The Voice, Jersey Shore, The New Normal, or my dogs wrestle (in no specific order).

3. I worry that what I am writing will be boring, uninspiring, unappetizing.

4. And I don't want anyone to think that I am putting my story out there for 'high-fives' or 'atta-girl' - but more that it's a good way for me to journal - what I'm eating, how I'm feeling, and how I am progressing.

So, there we have it. I am starting week 6. Although the weight loss is not going nearly quickly enough - I do feel better. I feel stronger. I feel healthier.

My friend, Pilar, is the one that told me about the program - and she is doing it with me. She is a huge support - and it makes things a lot easier having someone to encourage you and go with. I have also met some really great people in the program too - and they are full of support - and encouragement.

The goal of the 'every day' eating plan - is to have a protein with every meal, 3 litres of water a day, 2 complex carbs, as much veggies as I want, and having 6 meals a day, instead of 3. I have been focusing on this quite well for the past few weeks. A lightbulb sort of went off when I realized what I should/could be eating - and when I really started to think about what I needed to eat.

Getting the proteins in was hard for me in the beginning - b/c I didn't realize how little protein I actually ate in a day. Most of it was at dinner. Having a protein with every meal really helps fill you up.

Our fridge is stacked with fresh veggies - as it normally always is. Our freezer has a lot of different proteins for the week. And our cupboards are full of beans, canned tomatoes - and that's really about it. Oh except for that fig plum relish that I made and canned about a month ago. Hm, not sure if I'll be sharing that recipe quite yet - as it's so tart - it's not too deelish.

I commit to 4 workouts a week. 3 are 1 hour long and 1 is about 1.5 to 2 hours. And then I try to go to at least one other class a week. A majority of the classes are like a drill/boot camp style - we do lots of running and lots of ab stuff. I attend 1 early (very early 6 AM) spin class before work one day a week. I love it. I love to spin. I sweat my butt off - but it's a great workout. I have also started running around the hood with Magnum as my running partner. He is so good! He takes advantage of the short walks that I do between runs - and keeps up and is so good on his leash. Jozie... not so much. I haven't even tried it with her - b/c I know that she would have me pulling her the entire time - as she does a fake pee - b/c she wants to catch her breath. Hm, I wonder where she learned that from :)

My breakfast is always the same sort of thing - with just a bit of a variety of what I put in it. I posted about my NutriBullet breakfast HERE. Except - at this point our NB is a bit 'broken' so we have been using the blender - it works perfectly - it's just harder to clean. I always put an ounce of almonds in for the protein for that meal. I love them - I love the freshness - and the fact that I have about 4-5 servings of fruit/veggies before 7AM.

Around 9ish - I usually have baked egg whites - you can find that HERE - minus the bacon and cheese. Today's were made with just broccoli, a bit of dried oregano and egg whites. I do these every Sunday and make 12 at a time, and then keep them in the fridge and have 2 at work each day.

Lunch is usually the same. I will have a bunch of cut veggies, or a salad. And then maybe some homemade Hummus - you can find that HERE (I use more lemon juice, less olive oil, and less garlic so that when I am sweating my butt off I don't smell like Fabian who I dated when I was 18)- or half a boneless/skinless chicken breast, or 1/2 a can of salmon - or maybe a cup of cottage cheese with some cut up cantelope. I try to switch it up a bit - so that I don't get too tired of the same thing. Fortunately when I have a salad, I don't need a dressing - so I am able to cut a bit of what I don't need out of my diet.  And then I usually have a piece of fruit - maybe an asian pear, apple or a mandarin.

In the afternoon - if I'm hungry - I find that I'm not usually - I will have some non-fat plain yogurt and some berries. And then before I know it, it's dinner. For tonight, I am making a huge batch of spaghetti sauce - using tomatoes that I roasted from the garden, and some canned, and then adding boneless/skinless chicken breasts, and a ton of veggies. I am going to make a whole wheat spaghetti, and I will have a bit b/c I haven't had any complex carbs today. So this will be my treat. And to me, it's a good one.

I am baking the chicken in the oven, and I have an extra piece leftover that I will use for two salads this week - Monday and Tuesday.


Water. Not booze. Well, you can if you want.

Water is so good for you. For so long it was a huge chore to drink water. It was super psychological for me and I just didn't like the taste. I am SO over that now. But I get it, if it's hard. Try adding a bit of lemon or lime to it for a bit of extra flavour. Or freeze some strawberries or grapes - and add them. I think that if you're not a water drinker - I get that it's so tiring for people to say 'water is so good for you' - but it really is. For me - it makes me feel alert - refreshed. I know that sounds odd - but it really does. I have a 'water' story for you. When my dad was sick in the hospital, before he passed - we would be at the hospital with him for at least 12-14 hours a day. For anyone who has stayed beside someone who is very sick, you know that this can be a huge strain on your body - emotionally and physically. After a week or so - I started drinking water from the ice cold water machine which was around the corner - from my dad's room. I started out with a drink here or there - and before I knew it - getting up to get the water, and drinking at least 6-8 glasses a day - became a part of my routine. And I totally felt a difference. I felt more awake, less hungry, and less like a loafer just loafing around. Unfortunately, I didn't keep this habit up after we left the hospital - but I wish that I had. But, for a long time now, I OD on water every day.

I keep having those 'ah ha' moments. Was that what Oprah called them? Mine are actually more like 'oh shit, why didn't you realize that sooner, you duh' - but that is a lot to get out at one time - and if people hear/see me saying that they will probably think that I am odd.

My moment for today was - when I was doing the dishes. And I was thinking about the dinner that I whipped up for myself on Thursday night after our trek to Costco (egg whites, romaine, spinach, edamame - so worth the drive out there) - I whipped up the fastest salad with tomatoes and peppers and a bit of plain yogurt with lemon juice and dried oregano. I am not sure why I thought about that - but for me - Thursday and Friday nights are sort of the start to the weekend. Thursday is Chris' Friday - and  well, Friday is my Friday. Thursday is the start of the end of the week - and I always wanted a treat for dinner instead of having to make something. So maybe we would pick up a Subway or a Burrito, or a burger (not fast food honestly). And I was just thinking of how I thought that was a good way to reward myself for a hard week. And then I was thinking of how easy it is to make something healthy - and reward yourself that way. As much as I want to eat ice cream all the time, and drink apple juice, and eat lasagna every night - it's just not what my body needs.

So this is my commitment to myself. My need for change. It's like I am Running for My Life - all over again.

I want - sorry please let me rephrase. I WILL lose weight. I WILL be strong.

If you have any questions about this - let me know - I would love to chat about it. I am still planning on cooking - just not with butter or cream or chocolate (well not for right now anyways - we all need a cheat meal once in awhile) - but I will share what I am having - and you may like it.



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Pilar said...

You are such an inspiration. I am so happy to be able to workout with you and cheer for our health! We are getting strong and healthier for sure! Thank you !!