Thursday, November 15, 2012

Spinning with my dad

For my dad's 50th birthday we got him a mountain bike. It was when mountain bikes were just becoming popular. It was a Norco - white - probably 10 speeds or something - and we bought it from Schooley's Sports.

We all piled out to the driveway to surprise him with it. He was surprised. Loved it! He got on the bike, and just before peddling off he said 'I am going to climb mountains with this'. As he rode off - he rode over the garden hose and fell off. Ha!

My dad and I dressed up as my mom for Halloween 

 Years and years later, my dad did climb mountains. He rode in a bike race from Pr. Rupert to Terrace (I was his pit crew - and I didn't do such a good job). He rode his bike to Stewart and Hyder, Alaska - then ferried home - and rode back from Pr. Rupert. He also rode his bike to Pr. Rupert again, and then rode through the Queen Charlottes. All by himself.

It sort of breaks my heart to think of him doing it on his own - but at the same time - he was very independent and loved the time to himself. He loved it. He was destined to be a cyclist. He was amazing. He was strong. He was encouraging. He was a machine.

This morning at 5:30 AM, I left the house to pick up Pilar, and head down to an early morning spin class. Being at the gym before 6 AM to spin is something that makes me feel like I am torturing myself - but part of me loves it! Working hard before most people are up and out of bed - is super satisfying for me.

Anyways today - as I was 'push pulling' saying words like 'motha effa' and 'help me Jeezus' under my breath, and panting like it sounds like I am having a mild heart attack, I thought about my dad. I thought  about him joining a class. Him working his butt off. He would be wearing grey cotton sweat pants, a grey sweat shirt, white sport socks, probably his Nike's or his moccasins, and a sweat band. He would be spinning beside me - and probably saying things like 'C'mon Poodsin's you can do it'.


I have heard that when you think of someone that is no longer with you in this life - that at that exact moment - they are with you. Although I think of him so often - I love it when I do think of him at times like this - when I really do feel that he is with me. I know that he would be right there with me - waking up way before the crack of dawn to head somewhere that is good for you. Good for the soul. Good for the heart.

It's times like this - that I know he would be proud of me. That he would be loving life. And it's these times that I embrace him standing beside me - sitting on my handle bars - turning up my tension - I just know that he's there. And I know that I will never be on my lonesome.

No recipes tonight - I have a few new ones to share. Stay tuned.

In the meantime - for this coming weekend - try one of these goodn's.

Seafood Chowder

Breakfast - Baked Eggs

Ice cream sandwiches

Alrighty friends. At the end of such a great day - a day full of hard work and dedicating to myself, and being reminded that my dad is always around - I am also so excited to meet our newest friend - Avery Frances Marie - Steve and Alanna's new baby girl. We are going to spoil that little bundle. Can't wait to  meet her and squeeze her. Ok - I promise I won't squeeze her - but I do plan on taking in a big breath of new baby smell.



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Pilar said...

Oh Cheryl this reading is so lovely, I am pretty sure he is with you always, right when you need him, forever beside you. <3 You are so awesome!!!!!!