Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Pomegranate Love

Tonight when I was out hanging our 'make-shift' Christmas lights - in the dark - and loving every minute of it - someone on my street was cutting their grass. What??? It's winter. Lawnmowers should be tucked away for a long winter's night. I was wearing a down vest, running pants, a long sleeve shirt and gum boots. It's not right. It's winter. I should have been in a parka, my Sorel's, a toque and scarf, definitely gloves - and instead of a lawnmower it should have been a snow blower.

I love winter.

I want cold, snowy weather.

Dear Santa, please bring me snow for Christmas.

Enough negativity. It's almost Christmas. It's almost my work's Christmas party. It's almost time to put together a menu for our annual Christmas party. And it's almost time that I think about what to buy for Christmas prezzies. I'm stuck in that area.

Lately, I have been in love with pomegranates. I heart them. I love them in my breakfast fruit/veggie drink. And I even more love them in the salad that I am making on a regular basis. I will share that with you shortly - I need to get a good picture of it - because it is magnificent.


Pomegranates are full of goodness. They are beautiful. They are lovely gems of love. I love them. Last week we picked up a couple of GIGANTIC pomegranates at the Granville Island Market. They were so large. So full of delicious flavour and juice.

Here is how I like to 'harvest' my pomegranates.


Cut the pomegranate in half. I recommend cutting it in a bowl - only because the juices can spray out and they may stain.


Fill the bowl with water, covering each half of the pomegranate.

Then gradually pull the halves apart, and start to pull off the arils (that's the little gem - fancy word) - and let them just fall to the bottom of the bowl.


When you are have pulled out all of the arils, drain the water out and pull out any bits of the white core (I don't know what that is called).


Place them in a container - maybe a mason jar - and let the sit in your fridge and ENJOY your hardwork.

Here is a deelish recipe for Pomegranate Crisp.

Alrighty. I am just finishing up a cup of hot cocoa. Enjoying the Christmas lights in my living room and waiting for my better-half to return home so that we just hang.



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