Tuesday, January 8, 2013

4 years!

4 years.

My friend - Beth - reminded me today that my wee blog is 4! Well, 4 years and 1 day.

I am so happy that she did remind me - I didn't think of it at all.

I laughed at my first post. Find it HERE.

A couple of things about this first post:
1. The title - 'Rain = Comfort Food'. Hello!!! It's still raining. I know that it has stopped in between - but c'mon already Weather Gods. I want dry, cool weather this winter. Please bring me cold, dry weather. The kind that is bright and blue during the day. The kind that you can wear your scarves, toques, leg warmers (I have a new pair and want to wear them). The kind of weather where you don't have to have soaking wet pups after a dog walk.

Ok. Now from a negative there needs to be a positive.
Rant: It's raining all the live long day.
Rave: Rain is good for mother earth - and it will fill up our reservoirs for the summer.

2. No picture. Ha! That makes me smile.
My bestie - Tracy - has helped me learn how to take some pictures. She is so talented - I have so much to learn - but I love how they have definitely progressed. These are a few of my favourites.







3. Short and sweet. In the beginning, my intent was to just write about food. But then I started babbling. Sharing my life stories about so much. For everyone that reads my rants and raves - I love you. I love that you accept me into a little piece of your heart and soul - and let me share what I need to share.

Appreciation. I want everyone who reads this wee blog to know that I love you all. And that I am so blessed that I have a venue to write about what I love. What started out as a plan to record recipes - which I love - it has also been a resource for me to share my deepest, darkests. My loves. My stories.

I hope that in another 4+ years that I will still be doing this. I hope that I still have lots of stories to share.

For tonight - no recipe. I have a salad on the go for tomorrow night though. It will include barley, salmon, and a dill/yogurt/balsamic vinegar dressing and a bunch of veggies.

Great night everyone.



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