Sunday, January 13, 2013

Eat your vegetables.

Today is a good day, because: It was a cool, crisp sunny day. My husband defrosted the car for me so that I could head out early for an 8 AM workout. Having my old feet and legs give me the energy to get through a hard workout. And for getting our food prepped for the week - eggs boiled, chicken breasts cooked and a pot of barley made.


How could this day get any better? Well - I could find a lot of things that would make this day better, but it would be pretty hard to beat what I have already done today.

I am excited to share this dish that I made last night. I made a pork tenderloin and wanted something to go with it. Something hearty, something that was not just steamed cauliflower and broccoli. I am not the biggest fan of steamed vegetables. I know that that they are so good for you - but sometimes they remind me of being a kid and your parents saying to you 'you can't leave the table until you finish your vegetables'. When they aren't looking - you try and pawn them off to your black lab, Shadow, who would mostly eat anything, but won't eat these. Then you try to  put them on your sister or brother's plate when they aren't looking. Your sister will tattle. And your brother will throw it back on your plate, and punch you so hard in the arm at the same time. In the end you cry. You go into a convulsion to see if that will distract them from making you eat the vegetables. It doesn't. In the end  you just eat them - you don't die, you don't vomit, and dinner is done. After all that you think that you are scot free - and then your parents remind you that you have the do the dishes.


Anyways - I love butternut squash. LOVE. I love it in soup and chili.

Ok, so I wanted something substantial. Something that would remind me of potatoes or rice. Something that would fill me up without the guilt of something that has too many carbs. Oh - not cars. Carbs. AkA - carbohydrates. Just kidding.

Alright - so try this one. I bet you will love it. And I bet that your kids won't beg you to not make them eat their vegetables. If they do beg you to not make them eat it - hang in there. Hang tight.

Butternut squash Hash

1 medium onion - cut into small pieces
1 large butternut squash - peeled - and cut into small bite size pieces. Try and make them all the same sizes so that they cook evenly
1 red and orange pepper (or whatever colours you like) - cut into small pieces
5 celery stalks - chopped
1 cup of corn
Kosher salt

In a large skillet - add a dash of olive oil and saute the onion for about 5 minutes. Add the rest of the vegetables, season with kosher salt and pepper and cook over medium heat - stirring constantly. It will take up to about 30-40 minutes. The vegetables will soften, and the sweetness of the peppers and the corn will come through.


Truly deelish.

And even the next day cold - even better.



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