Saturday, January 26, 2013

For the women in my life.

Sometimes I feel that I don't recognize the incredible women in my life. I am surrounded by an amazing group of ladies - that are all a part of my life in different ways. I look to all of them for so many different things.

strength  passion  encouragement

The woman that I truly love and care about - I look to them to be more like them - I admire their strength, their love for themselves, their love of others, their work ethic, their commitment to their health, their commitment to their wealth, their passion for doing what they love, their desire to make their world around them better, their creativity, their compassion, their friendship, their love for animals, the way they laugh, their encouragement, how they listen and how they love unconditionally.

I hope that the wonderful ladies in my life who I see everyday, or the ladies that I haven't seen in 'oh so long, to the ladies that I speak with everyday to the ones that I haven't heard their voice in too long - that they know that they all support me in a way that is immeasurable. And I hope that I am able to give a fraction of what they give to me.

I wish.

I wish that I told them all of this often. I wish that I would not forget that picking up the phone to say a quick 'hello' will only take a moment - but will stay with me much longer. I wish that I would let each and every person that has helped or helps me - know that I am forever grateful. I wish that I would stop wishing for this and make it happen.

I will.


I have been thinking of this for the last couple of nights. More than likely it is because it was was just my grandma's birthday. And she had all of the qualities that I mentioned above. She was this to her friends and family and everyone she knew. She was an incredible woman who I miss so much - and think of her so often and wish that I could some day be a fraction of who she was. She valued those around her so much.


For all the lovely ladies (and the men) here is a salad that you might like. It was a quickly whipped up tonight to go with dinner - and it was super easy, super tasty and super fresh.


Simple  and Fresh Salad

2 celery stalks - thinly sliced on an angle
1 apple - thinly sliced
1 cup of cabbage - thinly shredded
1/4 pomegranate arils
2 tbps raw sunflower seeds
1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
1 1/2 tsp dijon mustard

Place everything in a salad bowl and toss. That's it!!


Alright my friends - time to enjoy the rest of this Super Saturday.



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Anonymous said...

I loved your blog, and your picture of grandma, you are an amazing duaghter and I love you