Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 1st day of 2013

Happy New Year!!!!


Bring on 2013.

I am so excited for this upcoming year. I think that good things are going to happen to those near and dear to me. And I am overly optimistic that good things are coming my way as well. Why not be optimistic? Is there any harm in wanting well for yourself? I sure hope not. This is the year my friends, this is it.

Now on that note - the house is 'un'decorated from the Christmas extravaganza. I am already a little homesick for the lit-up tree in the living room, my mantle all decked out, the cookie-cutter decorated tree in my kitchen, the Christmas mugs that have served countless mugs of tea and hot chocolate and all of the Christmas linens - everything made the season so festive.


Now with that being said - I am happy to have the house back in order. I am happy to have my new orchid sitting on my window ledge praying that it gets enough light to survive (I was given it at the BDHQ wrap up party the other night - and it meant so much). And I am happy that I have 11 months to look forward to doing all of this 'get up' again.
*If you look closely you can see a Poinsettia on the table. I will hopefully be able to keep this one alive for a couple of months - wish me luck. Do you ever wonder what they do with all of the Poinsettias that they have decorating the news channels? I hope that they give them to people who will enjoy them.

On a side note - husband and I have had a low-key New Years so far - and we LOVED it. We are about to finish off Season 7 of Dexter, have a nice cup of some sort of new delicious David's Tea, and I will probably try and find something to eat that I shouldn't and blame it on - tomorrow being the day that healthy eating gets back on track.

I thought that I should put something else food related in this post - besides what I shouldn't eat - and thought that I would put in a few of my faves from 2012.








Blood orange Margaritas

Love to you all.



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