Sunday, January 6, 2013

My routine.


I would much rather talk about poutine instead of routine. They rhyme. Uh huh, they do.

Actually that's not true. Although poutine is deelish - I would rather talk about routine. Mostly my Sunday routine.

About 3 months ago, my Sunday mornings changed. In the beginning I wasn't a fan. My Sunday mornings were my day to be lazy. My day to relax. A sippin' tea, eating something different for breakfast because I didn't need to rush, stayin' in my pj's until 11, no rushin' dog walkin' - kind of Sunday. When I started at BDHQ there is a Sunday morning 2 hour workout. That meant that I had to be up and out of the house, with workout clothes and runners on, brushed teeth and hair, and some energy by 7:30 AM. I am not going to lie. I miss my Sunday mornings, but, what I have traded my past Sunday mornings into is all worth it.

This morning breakfast - scrambled eggs with fresh dill. And in the back ground a Pomelo. Remember my addiction with them last year? You can read about it HERE

My week starts on Sunday morning at 7. There is a two hour workout. Then I am home for breakfast - either a Veggie/Fruit drink or eggs. A dog walk. Grocery shopping at the Root Cellar. A little cleaning. Egg whites cups prepped for the week. A big pot 'o something (usually chili) that will last us a couple of days into the week. Laundry. A little lazing around. And then a night of catch up with the husband - before we start the work week out.

I have workouts on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturdays. I have let these times fit into my life - and they work out perfectly.

I make my lunch each night before the next day - so that I am guaranteed a healthy/nutritional lunch - ensuring that I stay away from the shops and purchase something that I don't need.

Our pups are walked every day after work. On nights that I don't workout - I make something for dinner that may last us 1 or 2 nights. I go to bed before 10. I try to always do the dishes (sometimes I forget :) ). On Wednesday night - I sometimes pick up a Subway sandwich for us. I always have a whole wheat with veggie and cheese - no sauce. When the weekend comes, Friday night we sometimes will go out for dinner to treat ourselves for the week. On Saturdays after I work out and Kung Fu is done - we hang out together and get anything done that we need to get done.

And then before I know it, it's Sunday again. And the week starts over.

I heard that. I just heard you saying that I am 'wild and crazy'. I know. It's boring and uneventful, and very predictable. But for me, it works. I love the consistency of routine, and it makes me thrive. Without routine and consistency, I don't do well. I fall off the wagon. Well I actually don't have a wagon. I fall off my feet. Off my head. The brain goes to mush - and so does the belly.

It's my calm in chaos. I welcome the boring life. I welcome it because I know it's my 'healthy'.


I thought that I would share a fridge picture on a Sunday after a shop - usually at the Root Cellar. I stock up the fridge so that we have a lot of fruits and veggies for the week. I like to ensure that the freezer is stocked too of good protein - salmon, chicken, ground turkey, and lots of frozen berries. We do Costco too - so that we can stock up on almonds, quinoa, canned tomatoes, low sodium chicken stock, goat cheese...

Top left: Raw almonds and hazelnuts
Beside: Grape tomatoes - must have for any salad
Top middle: Astro non-fat greek yogurt - I love that sh*t
Beside: Astro non-fat strawberry yogurt
Top right: Free range/organic eggs from my husband's co-worker - Sabrina. LOVE, love, love.
Middle right: Brita water (I'm surprised the jug is in the fridge it's almost always on the counter)
Beside: Husband's water bottle
Behind: Unsweetened almond milk
Middle left: Watermelon, lemons, oranges, 1/2 a lime, grapefruit and a big jar of pomegranates
Middle drawer: All of the goodies for our morning drink - organic coconut, goji berries, raw sunflower seeds, raw pumpkin seeds, hemp hearts, sesame seeds, chia seeds
Bottom right: Mushrooms, celery and a bottle of white wine
The missing bottom drawers are usually full of peppers, kale, spinach, fresh herbs and apples.


Alrighty friends. I am about to get back into my routine - and make a batch of chili. We have people coming in for dinner - so I hope that they don't mind chili. If they do - I will serve them pomegranates and yogurt.



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Jessica J said...

You are so inspiring Cheryl!!! I think of you often and the incredible change that you've made with your new workout and health routine and it helps to kick me into gear to do the same. A two hour workout on a Sunday morning sounds like hell to me, but I can imagine how you feel each time you make it through. Maybe one of these days I'll make it out to endure some of your intense training. That's my goal. See you soon loveee.