Sunday, March 17, 2013

How to make a perfect salad.


 Oh hello my sweet darling of love you.

This is our friend's Steve and Alanna's little one. She is precious. She is too cute. I sort of think that she is the 'poster child' for when people say 'cute baby'. I sort of think that all babies are cute to be honest, but there are some that are just hands down cuter than others. And I am pretty sure that this little bundle is one of them.


She is pretty much the spitting image of her mama. It's the eyes. They are incredible. Uh, what exactly does 'spitting image' mean? Seriously? Should I be using phrases that I don't know what they mean? When I said 'spitting image' I sort of got grossed out. Ok, I don't want to say 'spitting image'. She resembles her mom so much. They are both lovely ladies.


Having a little one around the house makes me miss what I don't have - so it's a treat to have friends with little ones that you get to visit from time to time. Speaking of - I just spent the weekend with my brother and his family. I tried to steal his kids and bring them home with me - but it didn't go over well. They are growing up so fast - I just love how their personalities are developing, how they are becoming these incredible people more and more each time I see them. I wish that they lived closer - but it just makes us have worthwhile visits when we visit.

It's been some time since I have written. I haven't been MIA - just been busy. Busy is good. Life is good. I am running lots. I am almost loving it too. Some days are more of a struggle than others - but for the most part - at the end of our 'Friday Night Run Club' (Tuesday and Friday editions) I feel exhilarated and that I have successfully accomplished something that I was set out to do. For me - that's a good feeling.

Another thing that I have done, is signed up for Dirty Girl in Seattle. Buh!! Not sure what I have done - but I am pretty excited for it. It's going to be a fun weekend - with a bunch of fun ladies - getting muddy. Today we ran up and down Mt. Doug - it was a bit muddy - and I didn't like it. I will have to get over the mud. Oh - when I say that I ran 'up' Mt. Doug - if you call short running stints up hill - as running 'up' Mt. Doug - then that's what I did. It was hard running up that damn mountain. I ran from the top all the way down back to the lower parking lot - and that was much easier. Thank you downhill.

I am all prepped for the week - well almost. I have made the standard dishes - cabbage roll soup and the chicken breasts for the week are cooked and cooling off before I wrap them up and put them in the fridge. My usual lunch throughout the week is a massive salad. Massive. I'm sort of hooked on them. They are full of goodness, full of deliciousness.


How to make a perfect salad

The thing to keep in mind when making a salad is that all of your hardwork is completely worth it. I actually love salad - I know that not all people do - and it's one thing that I actually like to have at a restaurant because all of the washing, chopping and tossing was done by someone else. I have sort of changed my mind on that since I almost make a salad everyday. I used to think that it was a bit too much work to spend doing each day to prepare a salad for lunch. But now - I have my method down to a science - and it really is worth it.

I think that it's important to find vegetables that you love. And if it's easier for you to find things that are pre-cut, pre-washed, then give that a try. The possibilities to create a perfect salad are endless.

Start with your favourite things that you love in salad. For this salad, I used:

Romaine lettuce
Yellow pepper
Grape tomatoes
Roast chicken*
Raw pumpkin seeds
Goat cheese
Italian seasoning
Lemon juice

*Adding some sort of protein makes the salad a full meal. Roast chicken, hard-boiled eggs, salmon, tuna, ground turkey. So many options.

Before your start chopping and squeezing and tossing - give all of your vegetables a good wash and dry them off.

It's important to use a big enough container that will hold your jumbo salad. I prefer to use a glass bowl that has a sealable lid. This is not my usual container - apparently someone took my usual container home with leftovers in it - and they forgot to bring it home. :) It has since been returned.


Next, roughly chop up your romaine lettuce. I tend to use a small romaine - and use the entire thing.


Then chop up the celery. I LOVE celery. I usually add in two stalks. Add that to the romaine.


Chop up the pepper. I like to Cut one side, and then cut around the inner core, one side at a time - so that nothing is wasted. I usually add 1/2 of the pepper.


 Then chop it into nice small pieces.


I love tomatoes - and I especially love grape tomatoes. Although they are tiny - I like to cut them in half. I usually add 10 tomatoes.


Goat cheese. I can't say much more than that. I love it. I usually add about 1/4 cup - crumbled. If you don't have goat cheese, feta is also deelish.



Add in the raw pumpkin seeds. They give the salad a nice crunch.


Top with the italian seasoning - a tsp is plenty. Gently sprinkled on top.


And then top with the juice of half a lemon.


And finally add on top, roasted chicken. I use half of a boneless skinless breast that I do at the beginning of the week.


Cover and it is ready for you to indulge on the next day. Or have it for dinner. Or have it for dinner and lunch. Or have it for breakfast. Ok - too far.

Alright friends - I hope that life is good for you.



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Cathie said...

Mmmm, that salad sounds delicious! I'm going to start adding those yummy extras to mine. Thanks for the inspiration!