Monday, May 13, 2013


I am nuts for this new sauce that I have been making. NUTS! Most of the time, if I love something, I say that I want to marry it. Like cauliflower, chocolate, blueberries. I am a bit of a floozy I guess when it comes to wanting to marry my food.

So, I have decided that this time, I am going to be ladylike and classy and rather than want to marry the sauce, I will just go nuts for it.


Oh nevermind.

I craved this sauce one day, I had all of the ingredients, so I winged it, and it turned out quite deelish, if I do say so myself.


It's a huge hit around the house. Chris wants to drink it. I have banned drinking it. He wants to take a straw and gulp it down, I have banned him from doing this too.

Ikea furniture building 101 - will have the bedroom reveal sometime soon

David also enjoys it too - and after a day of building Ikea furniture together - I hooked them up.

Are you dying to know what it is - or have you already scrolled down to see? Before I share the recipe* - I just want to say that this goes good with so many things. We have been eating it as a dipping sauce for grilled steak and roasted cauliflower and broccoli.


Peanut Sauce



I served it alongside of oven roasted prawns - that I added a tiny bit of coconut oil and lime zest and juice to and baked for 8 minutes.

*I have removed this recipe for a reason that I can't share right now. If you really want it - contact me and I would be happy to share.


Give it a try - it's a nice treat to go with vegetables, meat, rice...



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